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  1. JeaLouS44

    Official Entry Thread for 2022 Member's Tourney @ Q-Masters

    Hello all, I after reviewing my finances multiple times, I could not figure a way to attend. Keep the money in the pot. I will be watching, good luck to all.
  2. JeaLouS44

    One Pocket Streams

    sorry bout that. This is live now
  3. JeaLouS44

    One Pocket Streams

    check them out they do alot of onepocket tourneys and challenges
  4. JeaLouS44

    Official Entry Thread for 2022 Member's Tourney @ Q-Masters

    I paid, please confirm. Thank you very much. I will be there on the 28th.
  5. JeaLouS44

    Official Entry Thread for 2022 Member's Tourney @ Q-Masters

    Hey bud. Thanks for the update Looking really good, so far.
  6. JeaLouS44

    Official Entry Thread for 2022 Member's Tourney @ Q-Masters

    How many spots open. Hope to get in before the 24th. Plans and such.
  7. JeaLouS44

    RIP Sherm Adamson

    Chris, So sorry about Sherm. If I would have known you were close, I would have told you the interesting story about the cue I have from him.
  8. JeaLouS44

    Rules Update Conversation

    -Make a ball on the break. Spot it and sit. that includes if you make a ball in your opponents pocket. -Base of ball is fine with me. Whole ball makes a safe zone, 5-1/2" x 50" that is 275 square inches, it is 5.5% of the playing surface, also losing 112.5 square inches, which is a bigger...
  9. JeaLouS44

    2020 DCC

    thanks bud 250 lll it is, I will most certainly not forget all of the games, I have it on video:D:D:D Dave, I don't think so, me also.
  10. JeaLouS44

    Cliff Joyner

    I will definitely mention the marketing of lessons.
  11. JeaLouS44

    2020 DCC

    I had an amazing time, sorry i missed everybody, i did see Cincy in passing. Banks I only made it to the 3rd round, after winning my first round match, 3-1. 1 Pocket I won the first 3 rounds, 3-1, so I was feeling pretty good. than lost the 4th round 2-3, and the fifth round 2-3, damn. 9 Ball I...
  12. JeaLouS44

    Cliff Joyner

    he was one of the best. the last four years at dcc i have hung out with him, we have become good buds, we would work out, that's what he called practice,lol. i am sorry i missed him in his prime, ever since his stroke in 2018?, he has trouble executing, but all the knowledge is there. our work...
  13. JeaLouS44

    Atlanta Tournaments ???

    I will be there the 19th till the 27th. I pretty sure that Mr. Cues II has Wednesday 1P. Is there any others?
  14. JeaLouS44

    For Sale Jensen 4pt "Szamboti style"

    For sale: 90% used Jensen "Szamboti style" cue 4 pt (pics 1-5) 58" long, appx 19.5oz. steel jointed,5/16-14 pin All white is ivory except ferrules and butt cap. Birdseye/ebony, two shafts, SOLD Firm Free shipping 48 continential US. Money orders only. Sorry no Paypal Trade is possible. I would...
  15. JeaLouS44

    8ball anyone.......

    my other post was FUBAR and i didnt get any responses since it was fubar i was playing 8b and i didnt see anything good i know i wouldve lost if i wouldve tried any thing else so i used my 1p imagination so when in trouble think 1p:cool: note the subject i expect to get some responses...
  16. JeaLouS44

    I was done..............

    oops see 8b post
  17. JeaLouS44

    Odd situation/Question...

    i was playing one pocket the other night we were tied 7 to 7 and i tried to follow the ob into the pocket.his pocket was full, the cue ball went in an the ob made the cb come back on to the shelf but since i didnt scratch we agreed he won the game. we should have spotted the ball i made for him...
  18. JeaLouS44

    A wei ????

    Has anybody thought of adding more letters? So people could label more things, and/or what about rail labels,guess you wouldnt need rail labels if their were more letters.
  19. JeaLouS44


    that would like to come to KEY WEST FLORIDA. I have a 9' Diamond and and extra room. pm me to work out the details. Artie if you read this i would like to meet you, ithink we think alike but it is hard to tell unless we meet, i would love to come to vegas to meet you but i cannot afford it right...
  20. JeaLouS44

    2nd How would you get out? Here is another. I am a big believer in gettin balls to my pocket (A) and playin a really strong safe that will get me more balls if i happen to make one. warning balls may be out...