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    Help please

    Someone posted a link to some nifty pool accessories a while back. Does anybody have that post or can you find it?
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    Glad to see Gabe Owen looking well.

    I watched a pre-recorded 10 ball match last night on Xtremepoolchallange between Gabe Owen and some guy I didn't know. Gabe looked very healthy and they asked him in an interview what had happened to him that had caused him to be away from the game for awhile. He said he had tried to break up...
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    Glen Frey
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    kicking to the top of the ball

    Does anybody here have a system for kicking off the end rail from the wrong side of the rack and hitting the top of a ball close to his pocket on the side rail? This shot comes up all the time and good players scare their pocket with this shot every time. What is the system?
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    Laying down a trap

    Laying down a trap is one of the biggest parts of the game of One Pocket. It has been written about in books such as "One Pocket-a Game of Controlled Aggression" by Tom Worth but has not been discussed very much on this forum. Since our forum is made up of some of the most experienced One...
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    What is the trick?

    I've given people "scratches don't count" and beaten them before but I didn't know what I was doing. According to Freddie, its a lock to play a guy this way. According to Scott Frost, there's a certain way you have to play when you give up that spot. I'm asking all the players here what is...
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    Your true identity

    I guess I don't know how to use the 'search' feature because I couldn't find the original thread by this name so I just started it again. There are a lot of new posters since this thread got buried and I thought they could at least have the opportunity to introduce themselves. This is a thread...
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    It isn't about the person

    Personalities being what they are, I decided to rant a little about the subject. I hope anyone with any thoughts on the subject will also rant here so maybe we can all learn something. Having different opinions of the same situation is basically impersonal. That is, my opinion is this or...
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    Make it Happen

    You guys are missing some great One Pocket. The young guns have already made a big statement and the outcome of this event is up in the air. Our own Dr. Bill is providing some great commentary along with the always entertaining Danny DiLiberto. Join us for all the fun.
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    Alex and Scott

    OK, They are about to start and Scott has already told Alex that jump cues are allowed. Boo!
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    The art of winning

    Something Billie said in the "rate yourself" thread made me think of this which is one of my favorite subjects. I have long noticed that winners have certain attributes that help them win. What are they? Can we catalogue them and thereby strive to emulate them to our own benefit? Moreover...
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    How fast is the game of One Pocket evolving?

    Although old school One Pocket ala JJ is still very powerful, the new players who make everything have put this game into overdrive. I remember the days when players would move and move until they had 8 ducks and then slam the door shut like butta. Over the years the older styles have all...
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    Breakroom re-opens

    The Break Room in Inverness, FL re-opens in their new location tonight at five o'clock. This is a much larger room than the old place and they have a full liquor license and full kitchen. Drop in and play on some really good equipment and hang out with the best bunch of guys (and gals) in...
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    Rules at Hard Times

    I just watched one of the new videos from Hard Times on POV and I noticed they would spot a ball from the kitchen once in a while. They even did it when there was a ball in play. What's the rule and what's the point of it?
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    Mike Siegel at Capone's

    If any of you are close enough to Spring Hill, FL, Mike Siegel is at Capon's most days now and will be for a week or more. He's really entertaining with his stories and will give lessons for very reasonable bucks. Stop in.
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    What do you need from Nick Varner?

    OK, possums. How will you match up with Nick Varner. Hurry up and give me your true thoughts and ideas because he will be in Ocala Monday night with Johnny Archer and I may just get the chance to play him. I need some input.
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    Top Two One Pocket Players in the World

    We have done this before naming the top so many players but things can change. Name the two best One Pocket players in the world today. Feel free to give any amount of reasoning or background information. Top two only. I have mine firmly in mind but won't post them just yet so as not to...
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    The quality of the safety

    The WWYD that was also on the AZ forum gave me the idea to start a thread I have been mulling for a long time. I sometimes play much weaker players but always try to match up fairly even so either of us can win. I much prefer playing better players though. The main reason for this is how much...
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    Class vs. No Class

    The thread about the One Pocket Dilemma made me think of this subject which we have probably talked about some in the past but which would support more discussion and stories. Have you ever noticed how some pool players are class acts to the very end and others are just the opposite? I...
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    Carlo Zingale

    Am I the only person on here who actually met this very famous pool player? I'm going to withhold his nickname hoping someone else will recognize his real name and have some good stories about him.