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  1. rich htx

    Corey and brumback banks

    Hold on to your socks.
  2. rich htx

    Accu stats banks match daulton and reyes

    Finally they upload more banks.
  3. rich htx

    Old spanish Carom vid

    They go over the various modalities, or games of Carom Straight rail Balkline 47.2 and balkline 71.2 And 3cushion
  4. rich htx

    Krindlekin custom playing cue, TNT breaker, Mcdermott sport case

    krindlekin player with custom NOIRE shaft 60 inches, 12.7mm tip new joint protectors 500 shipped priority tnt jump break, 13.5 mm white diamond crushing tip on a g10 ferrule, laminated shaft 130 shipped priority mcdermott sport case 3x6 150 shipped priority no trades text rich 8324196620
  5. rich htx

    Tayfun Tasdemir 3 cushion

    seems to be playing mighty strong this yr with a high run of 29 and more recently a 39 point in 3 innings
  6. rich htx

    Harriman and Saez bank match
  7. rich htx

    Caudron's kozoom video

    The whole thing is on YouTube in bits minus his interview which itself is incomplete even on the English version of the DVD He demonstrates and gives insight on all the major carom games Straight rail Raymond ceuelmans is the current world straight rail champion last held in 1969 I think...
  8. rich htx

    Something you don't see often

    The world balkline championship Last was 03 Here is the final narrated by the man himself
  9. rich htx

    "The lesson", 3c carom training vids from the pros

    blomdahl, tb will show you also how NOT to shoot each shot and what happens, very good vid
  10. rich htx

    gather shots

  11. rich htx

    Aranas and Schmidt 1pkt match

    Accustats are putting up plenty of good stuff recently for free Enjoy
  12. rich htx

    custom carom cue

  13. rich htx

    Bocote sneaky pete

    58 inch 13mm 3/8-10 Nice figure 19 to 20 ounce 140 shipped
  14. rich htx

    Up for sale, again 10ft heated soren sogaard carom table

    located in north houston tx come steal my table for 1500 text 832 419 6620 or trade for a pair of valley bar boxes,
  15. rich htx

    Chuck Starkey wood pin birds eye maple player