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  1. Terry Ardeno

    Congratulations Shannon Daulton!

    Congratulations to Shannon Daulton for being elected for induction in BOTH the One Pocket Hall of Fame as well as the Bank Pool Hall of Fame! To be a great enough player to be enshrined in either H.O.F. is an awesome accomplishment. To be inducted in both the very same year.....that's just...
  2. Terry Ardeno

    Fred Bentivegna

    It was great to see The Beard finish tied for 16th out of 160+ players at Tunica in the banks division. Great shooting Fred! I'm real happy for you!
  3. Terry Ardeno

    A review of "The Legends Instructional Series"

    I'd like to offer this as a review of "The Legends Instructional Series", a 4 DVD set that has Nick Varner & Buddy Hall giving instruction on 8 Ball, 9 Ball, 14.1 & One Pocket. First, a little background. I've been in love with pool since I was 11 & I've been able to accumulate a nice library...
  4. Terry Ardeno

    Allen Hopkins vs Nick Varner

    If these two would have played a race to 50 in 1P, in their respective primes, who do you think would have won & by what score? Thoughts on their styles? Thanks.
  5. Terry Ardeno

    Buddy Hall vs Nick Varner vs Gary Spaeth

    Who would win, in their prime, playing 9B banks? In their prime, if they had raced to say 50 in a round-robin, what order of finish do you envision? I would like to hear you fellas thoughts on these 3 great players as they compare with each other. Thanks.
  6. Terry Ardeno

    Bill Incardona....Get well soon!

    Billy posted back on January 18th that he was scheduled for back surgery in Feb. He didn't mention the date. I marked the calendar to post something so we could wish him the best of luck and a full and easy recovery. I think he'll be in good hands! After all, him being a Dr himself, I think...
  7. Terry Ardeno

    2010 Bank Pool H.O.F. nominations?

    Steve, Will there be a bank pool inductee this year? I couldn't find anything on the forum that said one way or another. Are you accepting bank Pool nominations? PS-I promise not to nominate Shannon for the banks division. :D It seems like you and me get along real well except when I lobby for...
  8. Terry Ardeno

    What constitutes being a "Gambler" vs a "Funsy" Player?

    I responded tongue in cheek to a post from SJD where he mentioned "funsy" players vs the gambling crowd. But I been thinking about that most of the day. He brought up something interesting that I would like to hear your opinions on. Here's my question....Is there a bottom line minimum bet...
  9. Terry Ardeno

    San Jose Dick Interview

    Dear Mr Booth, Is there any way that you can do an in depth interview with SJD? We all know how busy you are with many things in life as well as just maintaining this site. But that (interviewing SJD) is something that really should be on a 'must do" list. We consider him one of the MVP's...
  10. Terry Ardeno

    Bensinger's vs Cochran's

    If each pool room, in it's respective heyday, could field it's all-star line up, which room would win the most money matches? Of all the great pool rooms ever in the USA (Allinger's, McGirrs, 711 in NY, St Elmo's etc.) I'd like to specifically hear the thoughts and opinions on "what if" the...
  11. Terry Ardeno

    Happy Birthday Grady!

    Grady, Happy Birthday to you my friend! I wish there were a new way to say "thank you" for what you've contributed to pool and for the info and great stories you've shared with us over the years. Suffice a very sincere "Thank you!". You are one of the all time treasures as far as pool stories...
  12. Terry Ardeno

    Jose Parica & Glenn Rogers

    Steve, What are the chances of getting Parica and Piggy to set down for an in-depth interview? The interviews you've had so far have been second to none. I know you're very busy with lots of things. Can you give it a shot? Thanks!
  13. Terry Ardeno

    Mike Sigel

    How would you guys rate Sigel's one pocket game? I was watching an old tape of him vs Johnny Ervolino and he seemed to play a real solid style. His banking prowness was a definite help, as was his shotmaking ability. Without saying too much more, I would be real interested in how some of...
  14. Terry Ardeno

    How's Grady doing?

    Anybody here check in with Grady lately? His last post here was on Aug 11 when he was grieving Randi's passing. He'll go down in history as one of the greatest players ever, considering what he's done in pool as well as what he's done with pool off the table. I hope he knows that he has many...
  15. Terry Ardeno

    Gary Spaeth vs Truman Hogue

    In their respective primes, which of these two greats was the better banker? Comments on their respective styles, strengths & weaknesses are welcomed as well. Something else....Where would you rank these two on the all-time best list? Behind who? Thanks.
  16. Terry Ardeno

    Happy Birthday Freddy!

    Freddy, A very Happy Birthday is wished to you! May you always know that your many friends and fans think the world of you and wish you all the very best. Thanks also for sharing so much of your knowledge and humor with us. We're very fortunate to have guys like you, Grady and Billy spending...
  17. Terry Ardeno

    New interviews?

    Steve, Can you give us an idea of when the next interview will be posted? I miss reading them. So far, they've all been great stuff. If you're open for suggestions, I would love to read a full length interview with Jimmy Fusco, Shannon Daulton or Billy Incardona. Thanks for the work you do in...
  18. Terry Ardeno

    Howard Vickery

    Does anyone have any idea where Howard Vickery has been? I have not heard anything on him since the IPT. He has zero earnings listed for the 2007 tournaments and to be honest, I can't remember him playing in any either. He's not at the Derby City this year either, at least not as a player. He...
  19. Terry Ardeno

    Happy Birthday Grady!

    Grady, Here's hoping that this birthday will be one of your very best, replete with lots of fun, laughter, friends, good memories and peace! Your contributions to our great sport are very appreciated and I respect you much. It's an honor to be your friend! Happy Birthday!
  20. Terry Ardeno

    Freddy Bentivegna's DVD

    The Beard sent me a pre-pub teaser of Volume 1 of his "Banks That Don't Go-But Do" DVD. He asked for some feedback and I figured I would post something here and at AZBilliards I'm 48 yrs old & since I was 11, I've been enthralled with our great sport and have a nice collection of pool items. I...