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    DCC cab to SDF

    I will be leaving the Horseshoe Casino at approximately 1 PM on Thursday afternoon going to the Louisville Airport. If any members here are interested in sharing a cab, shoot me a message. Thanks, Bernie.
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    Derby One Pocket Calcutta

    In the spirit of previous years, is anybody interested in the typical $100 a man, winner take all, for the furthest participant in the one hole tourney? Any takers? Thanks, Bernie.
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    Hardtimes match with Efren.

    Just a little feedback for those who asked about my match. I've never played at Hardtimes before, and was pretty fortunate to get 3 hours practice on the actual table the night before the match...thanks to Carla for making that happen. The table is a GC with 3 7/8" pockets. It played great...
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    DCC feedback

    Well, this Derby City Classic is in the books for another year. This was an interesting trip for me this year, in that I was curious to see how I would follow up on a previously successful year at the DCC (for me that is). I have been playing and practicing with regularity in recent months...
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    One Pocket Nomination

    I would like to express my sincere thanks for all the nomination votes. It will be an honor to represent OnePocket.Org. I am just playing in the One Pocket tourney only, so I will have no excuses about being tired or overplayed:eek: I will not have a lap top with me but I may be in a position...
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    $4000 added October Onepocket- Thank you.

    Just a quick acknowledgment and a sincere thanks to both Tres Kane for making this tourney happen, and to Lenny Marshall for bringing this to the one pocket loving masses via live stream. Both of these guys put in a tremendous amount of time and effort this past weekend. In a world where most...
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    Dcc support

    Well, it was obviously a good week for me at Derby. I was fortunate to play at the top of my level for the full 5 days. Great seeing the .ORG regulars again, especially Steve, Deeman, Ace, Hendy, Ghost, Lou, Bille. (Ace/Lou-you guys warmed me up Sorry I did'nt get a chance to...
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    [B]Mr. Booth.....we need a ruling......[/B]

    Steve, Please reference the attached Standard ruling, paragraph and sentence concerning pocketing your opponents ball while fouling by jumping an object ball off the table: 6.2 Any scratch or foul results in the end of the shooter’s inning, as well as a standard one ball penalty...
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    Bugs vs. Cornbread 1991 L.O.P. #3

    It may be possible to cross the 8 ball (without a kiss on whitey) and slide down behind the stripe over Reds' pocket. If Bugs can get cover on the 8 it may present a chance to turnaround an otherwise tough situation. What do you think? Is the kiss "on" given how full you have to hit the 8...
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    Congrats to Fast Lenny!

    Lenny wins his first monthly one pocket tourney today after several recent close misses. Lenny outmoved everyone today and deserved the win, despite having his rating raised just before the tourney- no whining, no complaining, took it like a man and dished it back to all:eek: . Well played my...
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    Opinion on sportsmanship

    Recently, I'm playing in a monthly 1p match with approx 12 players, race to 2, kinda social tourney. ($35.00 entry, approx $200 to the winner). There are no balls made and we both owe 1 foul, with a coin over both pockets. So I am at the table having ran 3 balls with the remaining 6 that I...
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    Are my eyes deceiving me?

    I was watching the rerun of the Shannon/Efren hot seat match. Fast forward to approx 34 mins, 30 secs.....Shannon is attempting to make the 14 ball and draw back about 18". He appears to miscue and only draws approx 4" leaving no shot. In looking closer...
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    Live Now...freezer V Gabe, Race To 6, Galveston

    Starts before 7.00pm pacific.
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    Which side to break from?

    This question has probably been discussed before. If so, just humor me anyway;) The table is assumed to have no "funny" rolls specific to one particular pocket, and both pockets are of equal size So, say you play right handed. Do you always break from the left side so that most of your...
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    Need ruling from old schoolers

    A recent 1P situation came up that I have not yet had experience with. I as player A am giving up 11-8 to player B. Player B leads 7 to 0 with 0 balls spotted by Player A. (Player A still owes 3 fouls in effect) Player A then runs the remaining 8 in one inning. The question is whether Player...
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    Newbie intro.

    Hi guys, I've been lurking here for long enough so I finally registered.:) I really appreciate the intelligent info and exchange here and hope I can throw in my IP 2 cents. I'm in Phoenix, AZ and very fortunate to play with some great players here, i.e. Scott Frost, San Jose Dick and the up...