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  1. sneakynito

    Any 1 ball 1p videos?

    Searching hasn't turned up much except a kind of shoddy recording at SBE from a few years back. Thought there may be some hidden on Facebook or something somewhere but you usually have to know where to look for those. Anyone know of any recorded 1b1p sets?
  2. sneakynito

    Busty back?

    I thought Busty had been one of the guys impacted by visa issues and stuck in the Philippines (know Orcollo and James Aranas both just recently got denied entry). But just saw Bustamante listed on the players list for next week's Texas Open 10-ball tourney. He back stateside?
  3. sneakynito

    3c Drama

    I just saw on the USBA Championship report out that Pedro had been banned from playing for the past 2 years for participating in the PBA? I couldn't find anything more on that. What was that about? The PBA looks very...
  4. sneakynito


    Got into New Orleans late last night. If i'm able to steal away for a few hours, what's the pool scene like here right now? I can't tell if Buffalo's is open or not. I'll try to call later. -Rene
  5. sneakynito

    Hitting the road

    Not in the traditional pool sense though. Looks like I'm working from home pretty permanently. So we sold our house and bought a travel trailer and an f250, and us and our daughters (2&4) are just gonna venture around the U.S. for a bit. First leg we're probably gonna take off east from...
  6. sneakynito

    2020 HOF fate

    Sorry if this is already covered in another thread but i missed it. What's the plan with the HOF this year? I was really looking forward to the banquet. And with Alex and Busty! What a year for it to get mucked up. Anything been decided or still up in the air?
  7. sneakynito

    was there a new foul negation rule at DCC?

    Guess i missed something. Was watching Tony vs Evan at 2020 DCC. They had both taken a foul and then discussed a bit then pulled both coins off. JJ is commenting and mentioned there's a new rule that if you both take fouls you go back to where you were? Is that right? How's the actual rule...
  8. sneakynito

    filler vs ghosts live

    if you're looking for something to sweat Filler is racing different ghost games live on roy's basement. Folks bet and pick a game. One pocket is one of them. There's also different rotations and last pocket 8 ball.
  9. sneakynito

    wonder how much we're missing out on

    May be a bit melancholy, but I was looking at the SVB v Orcollo 10-ball match stats posted on AZB and lamenting the fact that we don't see SVB in the one pocket world more. Spoiler, Shane BBQ'd DO 120-85. SVB's BNR % was 44%.... But the fact is, Shane is smart, and it makes no sense monetarily...
  10. sneakynito

    one pocket song

    I have seen this clip many times (what a shot!) but i guess i've always had it on mute. A friend made me aware today of the amazing beat in the background. Did you guys hear the one pocket song? one pocket plaaaaya -- one hole -- one pocket.... hahaha so cool. i wish i had talent and...
  11. sneakynito

    best format for these big matches

    What's your guys' opinion on this 10/20/30/40 format now that we've seen it a few times? I think it's a pretty brutal one mentally and physically if you get behind. If you don't recover strong and quick, every subsequent day the road is longer and steeper. I guess that's the point, I just...
  12. sneakynito

    JS mini documentary

    Nicely done short vid by predator on the 626 run.
  13. sneakynito

    ball settling rule scenario

    This isn't 1p but could happen in any game. Aside from laughing because it's hilarious, what do you do here? I know balls 'settling' and falling in a pocket should be restored, but what about in this situation where it...
  14. sneakynito

    Simonis in the washer

    Posted this on AZ but wanted to see if there was feedback here, too. Getting in touch with my inner home-ec. I saved some Simonis HR after a table refelt and thought i'd keep it in case some craft project came to mind (i'm thinking a nice slip for the missus :cool:). Question about cleaning...
  15. sneakynito

    sneaky's buffalo's recap

    This may end up long. Wanted to record it for myself and figured might as well post it in case anyone else is bored. Uncle and I got to town Thursday night, just in time to grab Chip on one of the remaining poor boy Calcutta's. Those are super cool, glad they do those. We settled in...
  16. sneakynito

    ball on break rerack question

    Sorry i know this has been asked before but i can't find it. If you're playing rerack if you make a ball on the break what happens if you scratch, too?
  17. sneakynito

    alex and chip no 3 foul rule

    Anyone catch this little episode with Chip and Alex in the Scotty Townsend? I forgot to grab a screenshot but one of the guys stuck the cue ball right at the head of the rack, frozen to a pretty good cluster of balls. Balls were lying dangerously so they did the little barely touch take a foul...
  18. sneakynito

    Dcc dates/questions

    I'm doing my annual 'get my hopes up to go the Derby city classic' and wanted to double check on dates I should schedule for the one pocket. Am I figuring correctly that the 1p will start January 27th and go thru the finals on the 31st? When do they begin accepting entries? What do veterans...
  19. sneakynito

    Deuel vs Smith 8/17

    Don't know any details but saw Bigtruck posted in a thread on AZ that Danny and Corey will be doing a race to 30 in South Carolina 8/17-8/19. That should be a fun one.
  20. sneakynito

    HOF Dilution?

    Not to be a debbie downer, but any concern with running out of names? Pool is a small community as it is. The percentage that play one pocket is even smaller. The number of good 1p players is another fraction, and the number of HOF worthy should be even smaller than that. I'm wondering if...