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    Winning One-Pocket and Shots, Moves & Strategies by Eddie Robin - SOLD!!!

    *** SOLD - PAID - SHIPPED *** I have a first edition printing (with errata sheets) of Winning One-Pocket by Eddie Robin. Condition is good. Previous owner wrote his name and phone number on inside front cover. Otherwise all the pages are clean. binding is tight. Back cover has small split at...
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    Can one-pocket players benefit by crossing-over to 3-cushion billiards?

    In the past many great pocket billiard players - 14.1, one-pocket, 9-ball, etc. - also excelled at 3-cushion billiards. Is there any advantage to learning and practicing the skills in both games? Andy Janquitto, former president of the USBA has written a great article about the history of...
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    Why is the cloth green, the chalk blue?

    Over on the site there is a great story by former USBA President Andy Janquito with the facts (and the legends) about the origins of billiard chalk. Why is the cloth green, the chalk blue? Ah... the legends we believe in...