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    Doing Commentary on Live Stream Pool Matches

    I love your commentary, never stop and keep being your original self please. Thanks -don
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    Tony wins 4-2. Six games in about an hour.
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    Tony wins the first set. 4-3 after they took turns selling out for a few games. Now on to set two for the tourney.
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    who does a smaller pocket size favor, the mover, or the shooter?

    I am not a straight shooter and prefer tight pockets for the following reasons: 1 - I will scratch a lot less 2 - I can play better defense against their hole 3 - I can dig more balls out of their pocket 4 - My opponent will run fewer balls, granted I may also, but I tend to hit balls...
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    Gorst v. Frost One pocket July 8-10, 2022 on

    Russ, I will give you a $50 sweat, to have a reason to watch, if you are good with PayPal for payment after the match. Good Luck -don
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    Calderon v. JHall

    Confirmed, Thanks for the sweat.
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    Calderon v. JHall

    I will take Justin Hall for 50 if the match comes off as planned, I use paypal F&F after the match is over. I only come on here a couple times a week.
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    Calderon v. JHall

    I hope this match happens and both players play their best, it should be a fun match to watch.
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    Buffalos Pro Classic $26,000 Added May 25-29, 2022

    Alex and Gorst play at noon central. Gorst beat Calderon 5-4 about 0500 this morning.
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    Saw my name mentioned in the tournament thread.

    I haven't seen him play but would take my chances with this spot. :)
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    Scotty Townsend Memorial $15,000 Added March 1-6th, 2022

    Alex's execution was definitely a notch or two cleaner than Scott's. Great commentary by JJ and John. The only complaint I have with the tournament is I wish the field was larger.
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    I have this on VHS tape in a cabinet somewhere. I will definitely be rewatching it this weekend. Thanks for posting.
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    Scotty Townsend Memorial $15,000 Added March 1-6th, 2022

    I saw them stop around 0500 this morning with Chip up four games. Then Tommy played another person his speed some races. to five, not sure what they were doing but I believe the other guy won both sets double-hill. I have watched Tommy Medina play a lot on streams over the last two years and his...
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    1Pocket Ghost - Run of 7 the Hard Way!

    Great shooting Dave, My favorite part is the big sigh at 1:27. Thanks for sharing. -don
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    Justin Hall VS Chip Compton ~ Feburary 2nd & 3rd, 2022 ~ Playing Even ~ Race to 15 for 20k in the middle

    The stream was shoddy the first couple hours then seemed to settle in and be okay the last 90 minutes.
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    Derby 2022

    I think the break really shows up in longer sessions when the players get locked in on the table. It doesn't seem to be as big of a weapon in short races. It also seems like players are more aggressive in their response to the break in a tournament than a big money match.
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    who were/are your one pocket heroes?

    Billy Incardona and Grady Matthews behind the Accu-Stats microphones were my 1P heroes. I learned more about the game from them than any other individuals by watching those videos over and over. My biggest jump in knowledge came when I was fortunate enough to play five straight four hour...
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    BUGS PLAYS EFREN FOR 30 THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very cool stories, thanks so much for sharing. Greatly Appreciated -don
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    You did a great job sir, we definitely missed you the rest of the match. TV Mike did a great job on the stream, but he is not a one-pocket commentator.
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    Thanks for posting this Sheldon !!! Great perspective from Scott. While it might not have always been the greatest one pocket ever played it was one hell of a match to sweat and as the pressure mounted both players stepped up big time. Thanks to Scott, Chip and the folks at Omega for bringing...