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  1. Cloidius

    Jill Hawk Cue Case

    What's up everybody? As of late my focus has shifted away from playing the game and toward building these cue cases with my wife! JIll Hawk Cue Cases are handmade in Sycamore, IL. They are handstiched and do not use any rivets. This case is brand new and features two veneers around the...
  2. Cloidius


    Out of time! Out of time! Ghost says Mitch has to payoff if he loses! I played off the fifteen and stuck him to the head rail.
  3. Cloidius


    . Noooooooooooo!
  4. Cloidius


    Hurry up! Hurry up! Come on guys! I'm running out of time and need some help here. His sandwich is already made, and he is eating it now!
  5. Cloidius


    Ghost just took a quick break on my shot...I've got the hole with nothin in front of it, but I'm up 5-0. Quick...what should I do ?
  6. Cloidius

    Help needed.

    Nessy.... Nessy....
  7. Cloidius

    Lessons from the ghost...

    The other day, while responding to the wwysay thread that ghost had started I wrote that, "I have played well over 150 hrs with Bruce." I have had the pleasure of a weekly game with Ghost since last September. We play a five to six hour session, for $20 a game, and we play even. Sometimes, we...
  8. Cloidius

    An unlikely representative at the U.S. Open...

    Hello, Yesterday I received a call from Steve Booth at about 2pm Montana time, asking if I would be interested in playing th U.S. Open under the sponsorship of this fine site. I told him there was only about a 10% chance that I would be able to make it happen. Then over the next several...