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    WWYD End Game

    This end game situation came up in a match I had yesterday. You are leading 7-5 in ball count and your pocket is on the right with the cue ball in it. The corner of the pocket does not block the 1 ball. WWYD?
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    New One Pocket Shoes

    A few weeks back I made a small stakes one pocket match with a buddy. The match was going to streamed by a local up and coming streamer with our friends watching so I decided to get some new shoes. Going into it I didn't realize I could add three letters to each shoe, but once I realized it...
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    Pool Monsters YouTube - 54 Balls in 5 Racks

    Today this video popped up on my YouTube suggestions and I thought it was pretty good. He also has a few other one pocket videos up and while I haven't watched most of them yet there is one called "One Pocket - 99 Critical Shots" that I plan to watch later tonight. I do not know this guy but...