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    who were/are your one pocket heroes?

    Chris Gentile for sure. I got very lucky one night at the pool room that used to be on the corner of Harlem and Pershing called Cue Time Billiards.Chris was waiting for a guy to show up for a game and the guy basically stiffed him. I started chatting with Chris and eventually I persuaded him to...
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    Steve Cook vs Mark Tadd 1993 LA Open one pocket finals

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody.Thought I would give everybody a gift to enjoy.
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    Mark Tadd vs Donnie Anderson....1993 LA Open bank pool finals

    This is the final match.It is a race to 5.......enjoy! Part 1 Part 2
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    Tadd vs Parica Bank pool

    Hey guys,here is another match from my collection.I confess that I have always been a Mark Tadd fan.The quality of this one is not as good because it was a bootleg copy which I didn't know at the time.It was kind of funny because when I told JJ that I bought it off some guy from the internet he...