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  1. unoperro

    How do you run these?

    I didn't mean I am teaching lessons , I am a student- crooked stroke poor form and failing eyesight.
  2. unoperro

    How do you run these?

    This is why I post see others views. Some of the best wwyd are from recorded matches where the result is available. The problem with many of those is you often dont see the whole layout . The play the player makes doesn't always work, perhaps poor execution maybe just a bad plan...
  3. unoperro

    How do you run these?

    Thanks Whitey. Problem with these pictures is camera distortion and needing to post multiple pics to show which balls pass. Then with pictures from multiple angles , some other positions look funny. In a couple days I will post another wwyd only this time there are fewer open balls. Sorry.
  4. unoperro

    How do you run these?

  5. unoperro

    How do you run these?

    This table is tight and plays even tighter. I didn't post that originally as I wanted posters to play like they would normally play. The 1 ball is frozen. All 5,6,2 can be shot in either corner.
  6. unoperro

    How do you run these?

    I am definitely going 5 to the 6. How I land on the 6 determines if go to the 1 or take the 2 then the 1. I want to be able to bank the 3 and clear the 4 after the 6. I believe at pocket speed the 4 leaves a 1 or 2 rail bank that is very safe to play. Those balls in the stack are all loose and...
  7. unoperro

    Today Was The Day

    Good things do happen to good people.
  8. unoperro

    How do you run these?

    Opponent scratched. You have the pocket where the 1 ball is ?
  9. unoperro

    Happy Birthday Jason! (1 Hole Nut)

    Happy bday nut😉
  10. unoperro

    Streamers will counterprogram each other this month

    Fargorate , you won a 550 and under trnmnt so now you are a 554 ROFLMAO
  11. unoperro

    WWYD - Two top 1p movers battle it out

    Anybody go back and look at how different the line from the 9 to the 6 appears in the 2 photos? I appreciate these wwyd and have posted a couple but the camera often is a damn liar😉
  12. unoperro

    Junior One Pocket Tournament! 👏👏

    Well I understand the no refunds but I don't like it. I would donate a entry fee that is only given back to someone who plays. I would think we have enough members to get that done. To clarify, entry fee is refunded if they play.
  13. unoperro

    WWYD - Bad situation for you, even Efren couldn't even figure this one out ;)

    I like banking the bottom ball of the string 1 rail to hit the bottom half of that "fuzzy" ball nearest opponents pocket. Shoot just hard enough with lots of smooth high left on the cueball trying to end just short of the side pocket. There may not be enough of the ball visible to pull this...
  14. unoperro

    Calderon v. JHall

    You have been a member since 2020 and this is your first post? Did you feel it was your duty to out this guy? Or did you want us to know just how smart you are ? As for some ***** taking him off who cares of course you did😉
  15. unoperro

    Happy Birthday Frank Almanza

    Happy bday to one of the true jewels on this forum.
  16. unoperro

    Balls On Spot Scenario #1

    Results are better. Cueball stays more to the center of the table. Less likely to leave a cut.
  17. unoperro

    Balls On Spot Scenario #1

    As for kicking 2 rails I believe it's a better kick from center table. I believe you want a split hit on the spotball and the ball touching it.
  18. unoperro

    Challenge Matches

    Sorry but I don't always believe what I see.
  19. unoperro

    How about this for rating players?

    You may have something there but I think a major dislike is the gaff tables everybody wants to gamble on. It's not professional equipment.