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    Need some 1P help

    I'm am new to the 1p game but not new to pool. I know this is a ford, chevy, DATSUN question but what is the best break for a newbie? 1st, 2nd, 3rd ball? English? Spot area? I THINK I can get the speed (thank God!). Played a fellow tonight that had a great break hitting the head ball. Never had...
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    Action room updates??

    Any updates on the Jean-Robert Bellande vs John Tedder ? Watched Tedder play for a few days week before last at a hall near me. 1 day at 10k a rack 10 ball then 2 days of 1p at 40k race to 4 giving 9/7.
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    Pick your favorite 1P match

    What is your "must watch" 1 pocket match on youtube ?
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    Iron City Open .... Why so few 1P players?

    I was there last night to watch some great 1P so i thought. (3hr drive) Tournament starts with me seated at Efern's table playing someone i don't know. Tony/Gomez (tv table) to my right and J bird vs Cone on my left. (really good LONG match ... Cone should have won). I thought it would be at...
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    Any one pocket players near Cartersville Ga?

    I'm am new to one pocket but not new to pool. Been playing close to 50yrs with that old game called 8 ball. Some might have heard of the game of 8 ball as it WAS the game i grew up playing. In my area it's not played much. Won MANY local tournaments playing that game. Still love the game...