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    DCC First Timer Advice

    You cannot see it all, do it all. I tried and was not at all successful. Having 10+ hour drives bookending my inaugural trek to Pool Mecca didn't help the situation either. I very much enjoyed what I did experience and plan on returning as many times as I can. IMHO, make the journey if at all...
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    My Home Room- Dot's Cue Club in Rocky Mount, NC

    The owners my home room have been busy during the shutdown. Patching and painting throughout, new carpet throughout, all of the tables serviced and recovered. I'm looking forward to getting back in there. I'd like to throw out a big Thank You to management and the owners. Keith
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    Big Picture Advice

    I didn't want to clog up the thread that @youngstownkid started so I figured that I'd start this one. How do you good folks get out of the trees so that you can see the forest when you're in a game? Most of the time, for me, things seem clearer when I'm railbirding as opposed to playing. I feel...
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    Mike Surber Update

    Found this on azb a bit ago. Keith Mods, please move if needed.
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    Recommended 1P Matches

    OK Guys, I've been trying to find the thread where someone was asking for recommendations on 1P matches to watch/or purchase but have not had any success. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Keith
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    DCC Group Rate Code

    How early does the lodging discount code normally come out? Thanks, Keith
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    Tom Wirth

    I would like to give a big shout out to Tom Wirth. I started communicating with the man a few days ago concerning his book and as you could probably guess I ended up ordering a copy. The communication before the order was great and has continued so after the super quick delivery of the book...
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    1P Tournament in Raleigh 6-7Apr16

    Folks, I thought that I had posted this earlier and planned to bump it today but.......... Sorry for the lateness, hope to see some of you there. They've already had to extend the 1P field from 32 to...