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  1. FastEddieF.

    Thanks for all the Birthday wishes. FastEddieF

    Thanks for all the Birthday wishes,FastEddieF
  2. FastEddieF.

    Happy Birthday Dr.Bill

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday,and a great year. FastEddieF.
  3. FastEddieF.

    Turkey Day

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  4. FastEddieF.

    Dr.Bill get well fast

    Get well fast ,my thoughts are with you. You're the real Legend, we need you BACK. FastEddieF.
  5. FastEddieF.

    Who is going to D.C.C.

    I'm on the fence.
  6. FastEddieF.

    flight to KY

    southwest has a special on flights to KY. for D.C.C. under 100 dollars round trip.
  7. FastEddieF.

    Super Senior

    Nothing about S.S. Tournament. What happened to Billy I. And Bob. O. And Frank Da Barbar Buddy H. I sent my entry fee. And Reggie Barksdales
  8. FastEddieF.

    Super Seniors

    How many guys are coming?
  9. FastEddieF.

    Bob Owen

    What happened to Bob Owen?
  10. FastEddieF.

    The Holidays

    Happy,Happy Easter to all you OnePocket guys.
  11. FastEddieF.

    Happy Birthday,Dr.Bill

    Wishing you a happy,happy birthday Dr.Bill. All Beef Hotdogs on me at D.C.C.
  12. FastEddieF.

    My Trip to Houston,TX

    First day had to change my hotel because of bad conditions. Went to Bogies where Dr. Bill thought I could get a room at Roadway Hotel where he was staying. SOLD OUT NO ROOMS LEFT. Got a room at Days Inn. Next day players meeting and was on winners side till I played Tall Jeff. Very serious...
  13. FastEddieF.

    The Two Greatest Of All Time

    I watched and listened to the two greatest of all time. I watched Effren play one pocket, what a touch and listened to Dr.Bill who made me laugh so hard my side was killing me. It doesn't get any better then that. Thanks Dr.Bill you are a funny guy. The best money I ever spent for a streaming...
  14. FastEddieF.

    Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays to all my One Pocket Friends and to all my Banker friends. Wishing all of you a great New Year.
  15. FastEddieF.

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to all you onepocket players.
  16. FastEddieF.

    H.O.F. Dinner

    I went to the H.O.F. dinner,Ciff Joyner and Tony Coleman were inducted.Freddy the Beard was the EMCEE.Freddy is a natural with the microphone,he has a great speaking voice and his timing is as good as it gets. Freddy alone made it worth going. Both Cliff and Tony broke down when on stage to...
  17. FastEddieF.


    Who's going,when is H.O.F. dinner.
  18. FastEddieF.

    Chicago Trip

    I went to Chris's Billiards and played in a 3C'S B Tournament,The first day I played around 800 average the second day I played 500 average, so I got knock out of it. I needed 2 wins on the second day to make the finals. I was watching the tournament when I got bored so I started to watch a guy...
  19. FastEddieF.

    July 4th

    Everybody have a HAPPY 4TH.
  20. FastEddieF.

    Eddie Taylor

    I just received The EddieTaylor DVD from Alfie it was Great. A BIG THANKYOU to ALFIE . What a great stroke he had,straight as an arrow and a class act. 37 BANKS in a row an accomplishment that will never be broken.A true H.O.F.