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    Auction - my video collection

    Lads, I'm selling off my entire collection of the Accu-stats matches. All of the DVDs have been purchased from Pat direct. As far as one pocket and 9-ball matches are concerned, these are the top matches in the Accu-stats catalogue imho. Some of the videos in the pictures have been sold a while...
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    Guys, Apologies for going AWOL recently and not contributing to group discussions. As a Ukrainian by origin, I have been volunteering at the Embassy of Ukraine in London since the beginning of the invasion, helping with the logistics for humanitarian aid and collecting donations for medical...
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    What is your Ali - Frazier one pocket match ?

    Preferably if it was recorded on video. Up for consideration: - Allen Hopkins vs. Steve Cook, the finals of the 1991 Legends of One Pocket. This match had all of the suspense and drama one could wish for. - Scott Frost vs. Alex Pagulayan, 8 ahead in Vegas, 2015. It's a superb match. It took...
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    How good was/is Rob Melrose?

    It's got a bit quiet on the forum so I thought I'd start this thread. Has anyone seen Rob play in his prime? How good was he? To hear him talk you'd think he was the greatest but I somehow doubt that's true. I seem to recall he learned one pocket from Johnny Ervolino who himself was probably a...
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    Legends of One Pocket I - January 4-6, 1991

    It's the 30th anniversary of the first Legends of One Pocket event this year so I thought it would be nice if we could all share some materials/stories/photos etc. The second Legends event was held in Philly later that year and is covered here -...
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    Stardust results

    Chaps, I have finally come round to collating the info on the 1st-4th place finishers of the Stardust Open. Thanks Bob Jewett and jd67 for providing input on some years. 1965 1-pocket: 1. Harold Worst 2. Jersey Red 3. Eddie Taylor 4. Harry Petros 9-ball: 1. Ed Kelly 2. Joe Balsis 3...
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    Johnston City - input required

    Guys, I've had some time to spare recently (as most of us, no doubt) and pulled together a list of the 1st-4th place finishers for all Johnston City events, inspired by the recent induction of the Jansco brothers into the BCA Hall of Fame. And yet, as hard as I tried, there are still gaps to...
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    Legends of One Pocket II (Philadelphia style) 1991

    Hello guys, I'm relatively new to this forum. I live across the pond here in London and this is essentially my first meaningful thread. I've had some time to spare so I watched again all of my DVDs from Legends of One Pocket II Philadelphia style 1991 (the one that Steve Cook won), with a...
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    1P player review matches/videos

    Hi all, I am only aware of the following three player review 1P matches from Accu-stats: 1) Jimmy Fusco vs. Nick Varner | 1991 Legends Of One Pocket - Philadelphia Style*| P1P-06D 2) Steve Dobrowolski vs. Buddy Hall | 1995 Roanoke One Pocket | R1P2-06D 3) Scott Frost vs. Efren Reyes | 2010...
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    Wanted: Winning One-Pocket

    Does anyone have a copy to sell (preferably, 2nd edition)? Any condition is fine - I just want to read and improve my 1P game. Cheers, Terry