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  1. one pocket guy

    Happy Birthday Matt Hilton!

    Have a great day Buddy!
  2. one pocket guy


    What’s you fellas thoughts on Losers side flip for last break?
  3. one pocket guy

    Break Question?

    I was playing today and broke so badly a ball went in the opponents pocket. Now we’re playing the rule if you pocket a ball you re rack. But, my opponent said it counted for him. His shot. Is that correct? I’ve never had it happen so I said ok and eventually lost the game. Not upset I broke...
  4. one pocket guy

    Derby City Classic

    With the “Dark Winter” looming. Is it still a go? If so is anyone going?
  5. one pocket guy

    If anyone here knew Banking Billie Garrett from Memphis Tn, he was killed in a car crash this week.

    Very good banker from this area and sporty one hole too. Sad
  6. one pocket guy

    Just Sayin

    Just so you know
  7. one pocket guy

    Pool Sponsorship

    Just Wonderin, Has The Powers That Be of pool ever approached the wireless industry? That seems in my mind as the answer to a Pool Tour. Everyone has a cell phone and both industries would benefit from the advertising. Steve get on this! Think of it The Verizon/Att/etc OneHole Tour. As My...
  8. one pocket guy

    Local Perspective

    I really enjoyed see you guys again and meeting new friends. My first day started Tues when I met Kentucky/Bob Meyers( inside joke ). He came in and grabbed a table and we went at it for several hours till I had to go home for the early work day. I managed a few games ahead. Day two right...
  9. one pocket guy

    Congratulations Onehole Nut

    Well done Buddy! I know you will Be grinning for a month.
  10. one pocket guy

    Scotty Townsend Memorial

    It’s being streamed by Sully? Anybody familiar with his streams? I want to watch one pocket when it starts but don’t know him.
  11. one pocket guy

    Action on Facebook

    Arnasas vs Shuff live on Roy’s Basement FB page
  12. one pocket guy

    All ball fouls question

    I don’t play all ball fouls, but we were the other day. It seems the partners games have started playing that rule. Anyway a question was brought up by Joekerley in the event a player is for instance Cueball buried in the stack as in this very senerio. Can the player just touch any ball other...
  13. one pocket guy

    Happy Healthy and Prosperous 2019!

    Hit em straight and Always Know Your Limitations~T
  14. one pocket guy

    Ghost Busters 2

    Haven’t heard anything new. Is the Chi Town Apparition still playing Gentleman John? I forgot the dates~T
  15. one pocket guy

    Sure was nice....

    Meeting everyone this past weekend. I can’t add much to what’s already been said other than I was really hoping everyone would have a good time. I’m happy you did. I just wish I could have played more with you guys. You fellas looked so at home playing each other Bill and I just stayed outa...
  16. one pocket guy

    I apologize

    I never dreamed posting the players pics here at the tournament was gonna crash the site.~T
  17. one pocket guy

    Your Thoughts

    I was just watching a former poolroom owner playing Dennis O 12/11-5. A situation came up when I thought he should of taken a foul to get out of a trap Dennis had him in. I have never faced a Monster like that before so I was wondering. Should a weak player take fouls to try to better his...
  18. one pocket guy

    Rules question

    Was conversing with a friend today and he brought up a slight disagreement with another friend he was playing. Question is..... Is the shot legal when a player lays his cue/tip under the cue ball and lifts upward to avoid a double hit? I’ve heard it’s ok,but he’s adamant that the cue should move...
  19. one pocket guy

    Rocket City Stream

    Anybody know if the one pocket tourney stream is available. It says but I don’t know how to access~T
  20. one pocket guy


    And Good Health and Prosperity!