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    Thanks for a Great Tournament...

    It was a pleasure to finally meet and greet some of you guys who I knew by your screen name only. Sorry I didn't get to meet everyone. I had my hands full keeping up with Bubba, who some of you were gracious enough to spend some time with. He really was a great player starting from age 14 and...
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    Artie vs Ricky Byrd

    I was at the pool hall last night talking to Bear at the Billiard Club in Mobile. He said he and Ricky Byrd were going to Las Vegas Saturday and Byrd was going to play Artie one pocket for $5,000 a game. Don't know if the amount is correct but they are going to play according to Bear. Has anyone...
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    Picture of 15 year old Jersey Red....

    Does anybody remember seeing a picture of Willie Mosconi with a (15 year old Jersey Red) standing in the background....? A friend of mine is looking for it to give as a gift to one of Red's relatives. Any help locating it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    new website

    Has anyone seen this website.....I found it over at AZBilliards...I'm sure it includes some one pocket in it somewhere...
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    comparison of 15 ball 1/P run to straight pool

    Does anyone have an idea of what the equivalent of a 15 ball run in one pocket would be to a run in straight pool... The run can be started at any time during the game.. We were thinking it to be around a hundred balls.... Is that close? thanks...gbru
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    Efren finished as #1?

    :rolleyes: I found this on AZ Billiards.....For those saying Efren is finshed as #1....well.... they might want to think again.:cool: Eventhough the Villiard Cup Tourny was 9 BAll and mostly just for the Phillipinos...remember..... the first 2, 3 or 4 spots out of ten top brackets in...
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    Ronnie Allen vs Keith Mcready and Harry Platis

    A friend of mine in Mobile, Joe Nelson just gave me a copy of a one pocket tape where Ronnie Allen is playing solo partner against Keith McReady and Harry Platis....Ronnie has to shoot one-handed every other inning.....They are playing for $5,000...but I don't have the whole session. What I...
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    new WEI table

    Your pocket is "A" and you are shooting. How would you shoot it? A friend of mine ran 6 from here and should have got out but he got tied up on the 7th ball.
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    1st WEI table

    eek: Hope it works Dennis! We were playing partners last night and we needed 4 balls. I banked the 5 ball as shown with low/left and it trickled to the pocket.......The cue ball stopped as shown by cueball A......I then double banked the 6 ball and rolled forward as shown by cueball B......for...
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    you tube

    I don't know if this has been posted but if you go to "you tube" and search....Frost vs Schmidt you can watch the one pocket finals as recorded by a spectator. Camera is a little shaky but it's not half bad. geo
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    Action in Mobile

    Was at Breakers today, waiting for Frost and Joyner to match-up. They've been woofing at each other all evening. Ricky Byrd and Cliff are partnering aginst a guy named Clint ( ? ) from Atlanta. $500 a game. Cliff and Byrd were a couple games ahead when I left at 9 PM. Incardona and Frost...