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  1. FastEddieF.

    Doc almost bought the farm

    Praying for a fast recovery, miss you . FastEddieF.
  2. FastEddieF.

    Our Own Tom Wirth Interviewed on Podcast

    Great interview, Tom you should have been an English Teacher. Well Done.
  3. FastEddieF.

    Happy Birthday Matt Hilton!

    Happy Birthday Matt!
  4. FastEddieF.

    Happy Birthday Cal!

    Happy Happy Birthday!
  5. FastEddieF.


    Happy Happy Birthday Darrell!
  6. FastEddieF.


    Happy Happy Birthday young man.
  7. FastEddieF.

    happy Birthday Billy I.

    Happy Birthday Mr.Legend
  8. FastEddieF.

    Another bad pool day

    Be happy you're VERTICAL.
  9. FastEddieF.

    Happy Birthday Dan (ChicagoFats)!

    Happy Happy Birthday Chicago, all good rolls today.FastEddieF.
  10. FastEddieF.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Wishing everybody a Happy Thanksgiving!
  11. FastEddieF.

    J. R.'s Birthday tomorrow.

    Hapy Birthday J.R. all good rolls today. FastEddieF.
  12. FastEddieF.

    Happy Birthday 12Squared (Dave)

    Happy Birthday Young Man, all good rolls today. Hotdogs are too expensive but I still owe you 6hotdogs from your last Birthday. Good Luck defending you CROWN.
  13. FastEddieF.

    Happy Birthday To Dustin Miller

    Happy Happy Birthday My Man DUSTIN,ALL GOOD ROLLS TODAY. Enjoy your special day. FastEddieF.
  14. FastEddieF.

    Happy Birthday John (jlcomp45)!

    Happy Birthday young man!
  15. FastEddieF.

    Happy Birthday To Baby Huey aka Jerry Matchin

    Happy Birthday Jerry, all good rolls today.FastEddieF.
  16. FastEddieF.

    Happy Birthday Robert Newkirk!

    Happy Birthday Robert, all good rolls today.
  17. FastEddieF.

    Good Luck John Crabb

    prayers your way.
  18. FastEddieF.

    Happy Birthday To Gulfport Doc!!!

    Happy Birthday Doc, all good rolls for you.
  19. FastEddieF.

    Happy B-Day Androd!

    Happy Birthday Rod!
  20. FastEddieF.

    3 Cushion Tourney...What Have I Done?

    Dave you're my hero, great playing and i'm still buying hotdogs . I need 10-6 in onepocket and 10-6 in 3CS . 10 dollars a game, I forgot the break too. hurry up I'm going to be 80 soon. Again great Playing .