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  1. Nick B

    Slept balls and when to respot

    I'm sure this has been addressed before but maybe my small Canadian brain cannot absorb the humor me. Scenario 1: Player A owes a ball and has one or more in his tray. Player B shoots and after NOT MAKING A BALL (it's now Player A's turn) they realize that "A" owes. When does it...
  2. Nick B

    old rules question - frozen balls & rails

    I know this has been addressed. I did a quick search and could not find this exact issue so I will ask our esteemed members. Situation: Cue & 3 Ball are frozen to each other (or not) but are BOTH touching the rail (X1). I believe the rail X1 is dead to both balls and if you make a play on the...
  3. Nick B

    Happy early July 4th - My American Friends

    My American Friends, This year has been a challenge. I can honestly say that 2020 can go F-itself. C-19 and all the other turmoil has made this a year to quickly forget. Yesterday was Canada Day (our July 4th). I hope you all have a great and safe time this Independence Day. Go off and...
  4. Nick B

    Hello from Vancouver (Canadian Ground Zero)

    Today I awoke and found a nice text from Hardmix (Ben Smith)...checking in on me. Lately I have been away from the board and pool in general because of my business demands etc. Well I miss you guys and I was thinking about coming to Chicago but alas I guess we need to see what transpires with...
  5. Nick B

    Possible first trip to DCC

    Got some possible business near DCC this year (no jokes please) and thus considering dropping in. For you seasoned DCC guys: 1. Do I need to buy seating before I go down or can I get good seats while down there. 2. Other than the TV table can you watch other matches? 3. Is there a cost to enter...
  6. Nick B

    I think I'm alone now....

    Well tickets were locked in and I setup a business thing that I couldn't back out of. Here I am in Memphis and went to South Rec....not a single buddy in sight. Really miss you guys. Anyone from the forum in town?
  7. Nick B


    Well after four wonderful days of One Pocket (T-Rex vs Dennis O) I have one major observation CFS (Change F$$$$$$$ Sides). We are talking about one of the greatest movers and shot makers (exotic shots) with more experience than I will ever have. FOR GOD SAKE TONY...CFS. Lets review: 1. Your...
  8. Nick B

    US OPEN - ONE POCKET at Griffs Las Vegas

    Come on guys. No threads? Excellent tourney and stream. It's a shame that participation is poor but it's a building year. We need to support Mark and his efforts. Currently Gabe O is playing Kiamco on the stream.
  9. Nick B

    Vegas - One more time Feb 3-7

    I do this about 3 times a year so if you think you have seen this have. Going to be in Vegas (on business) Feb 3-7th. Have time to play during the days until 6PM. Will be at Griff's but will have a car and would be willing to play elsewhere. Please post or PM me if any...
  10. Nick B

    Respotting Foul

    This might have come up before but it came up during our tourney between Bee and myself (FYI a good this is not a jab at him). Early in the game Bee has a ball near his pocket and I'm struggling to get out of his break. I try getting him stacked up and make a ball in the side while...
  11. Nick B

    I was sharked!

    OK this has gotten out of hand. I wasn't going to say anything but on the plane ride home it got me thinking. No Nick...people have to know. Well last year was my first ever One Pocket Tourney. Ran out of gas but I figured I could do a little better with some experience. Last year my second...
  12. Nick B

    My US Open One Pocket

    Well just got back from a great event. Was lucky enough to combine a business trip with a little one pocket. Day One. Fly in Thursday Morning. Catch some of the banks and watch SVB put on a clinic. Boy has that man improved his banking. Scary strong. Certain shots are just money. He can...
  13. Nick B

    Live Action - Robocop playing doubles

    Paul Helms vs Robocop/Dodong Diamond at First Break Cafe in Sterling Virginia Race to 5️⃣, 11/10-6 Handicap
  14. Nick B

    US Open One Pocket Mar 22-25th

    Who is going to the US Open One Pocket Mar 22-25th? Might play if I can get into town early enough otherwise will just go sweat action and maybe play a little. Roll call. Who else is going?
  15. Nick B

    In Vegas Oct 20th - 23rd.

    In Vegas Oct 20th - 23rd. Will be at Griff's every afternoon. Anyone who wants to meet up and hit some balls can ping me. FYI have a car and can go elsewhere (but prefer Mark's place).
  16. Nick B

    One more time baby. Vegas July 17th-21

    Forum Member, Yes it's one of my kick the Canadian in Vegas threads. There July 17th-21st to watch the Pro 10 ball at Griff's (no I'm not going to play barbox :frus at the CSI event). As you can all tell shooting straight is not enough (based on our Chicago event). If any forum members want...
  17. Nick B

    Coming in early for our tourney and need to spar

    I'm coming in earlier than expected and thus need a sparring partner for Thursday night. Based on the list I think I'm coming in from farther than anyone else and the only person crossing a border (assuming The Don will let me come in). I don't fly and play well but will try and keep up for a...
  18. Nick B

    Las Vegas - Feb 5-9th

    In Vegas on business Feb 5th through 9th and would love to hit some balls with any fellow forum members. Free during the days and have a car so I can come to any local hall. Almost nobody in Canada plays so I got five days to get my fill. Thx in advance.
  19. Nick B

    VEGAS VEGAS VEGAS - Aug 28th~Sept 1st

    Gonna be in Vegas for some business but available everyday Aug 28th-Sep 1st for some play. Come beat up on the Canadian before Donald Trump builds a Northern Wall :). I have a car and can come to your preferred hall. Drop me a PM and thx in advance.
  20. Nick B

    Come on Vegas. Don't fail me again. Nov 27th-29th

    Quick story. From time to time I travel into the US and love to play one pocket with the locals (for those who don't know we have zero one hole in Canada) Everywhere I go I search around and ask forum members and always have good luck finding an opponent or two in every town...except...Sin...