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    Fremont California One Pocket

    Heading to Fremont Ca. this weekend for their monthly event. What's different this month is that about $1800 is added with a $30 entry. Chris Swart (owner) sponsered our Members Event a few years back and we all had a good time there. The Pilot beat me out for 1st and the live stream was POV...
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    Predator Tour

    I've been watching recent events which were sponsored by Predator and Matchroom Sports. Wow, there presentations and prize funds are so much better than anything I've seen lately. Predator now makes cues, cloth and tables. They have invested a lot of money and time to corner the market and I...
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    A couple of years ago I nominated Eddie Robbins for the HOF. I'd like to rekindle that nomination process again.
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    Analytics in One Pocket

    After watching a lot of Baseball and then Pro Football recently, I got to thinking what kind of ANALYTICS could be applied to Pool more specifically One Pocket? Being a decent player, I could think of several situations where Analytics might work. Examples might be sending the cueball up table...
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    John Henderson

    I reently spoke with our colleague and friend. John gave me approval to share some of his medical problems with you guys. John has had a bout with cancer and needed spinal surgery and other interventions. He is currently in a nursing facility receiving physical therapy and is beginning his road...
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    Joe Porper

    I just heard that Joe Porper passed recently. He was a decent player from the Los Angeles area but his forte was Creative Inventions in which he manufactured cues, cases and pool/billiard products for the pool playing community. He was a fun guy to be around. I knew him since about 1966 and...
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    Fred Guarino Passes

    My long time buddy Freddy Guarino passed this weekend. He and Mary Kenniston opened and owned Cuetopia in Las Vegas during the 1980's and 90's. He was a pretty fair player out of West Haven Conn. I first met him in 1966 and we became friends until his death. He was the older brother I never had...
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    House of Billiards - Santa Monica Ca

    I just learned that the HOB in Santa Monica will NOT be opening its doors when the Covid Shutdown is lifted. It was a great One Pocket Room for many years. Its been open continously since about 1963. It was the home room for Wayne Pullen and Ritchie Griener.
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    DCC 2021

    I had trouble booking my room for the DCC 2021? The event code would not work? I had to go off of my players card to book the room. Anyone else have the same problem?
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    Bellflower Ca. circa 1971

    Bellflower Billiards was a haven of great players and lots of action for a couple of years around 1971. As the premier all night room, many a great player showed up for the happening each night. Here's just a few of the players who were there; Cole Dickson, Dr. Bill, Ritchie Florence, Wade...
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    Hollywood and Pool

    Playing in and around Hollywood in the late 60's and early 70's there were quite a few celebrities around pool. Here are a few who I met and sometimes played. Most of them went to Celebrity Billiards and the Billiard Den. I'm sure the Ghost and Doc would remember many more. Hollywood was a...
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    Houston Seniors October 2019

    Can we get an update on the event at Bogies this October. I haven't seen any postings lately? Are we still on? Who are we sending the check too? I'm ready to book my flight and send in my entry monies.
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    West coast swing 2019

    I just heard there will be no West Coast Swing this year. There will only be the Cole Dickson Memorial in San Francisco. The West Coast Swing featuring stops at Hard Times LA, California Billiards and Hard Times Sacramento were really nice for us players on the West Coast. Anyone heard why this...
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    Pilot in Ventura

    The Pilot came to Ventura on Saturday and we tangled for about seven hours on MY TABLE and he gave me all I could handle. Jim is very much a gentleman who enjoys the competition and always brings a new cue with him. This time he brought another prototype CF butt and shaft. I think it was another...
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    Scott Frost Out At the "Freezer"

    I heard a rumor that Scott Frost is no longer part of the Freezer operation? Anyone know anything about this rumor. Hope it's just a rumor.
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    Straight Pool Challenge

    This event may be quietly the best show at DCC. I spent a lot of time upstairs watching and its truly amazing how good these players are at this long lost game of yesteryear. Practice is what we all do every time we pick up a cue. We practice more than actually play matches. So, this 14.1...
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    Ventura Fires

    It was about a year ago when I posted about the fires here in Ventura Co. Well they are back again. All of Malibu, Simi Valley and the other cities along the 101 corridor are burning. The area is so dry from years of drought that we are just a tinderbox. So no happy Thankgiving out here this...
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    Seniors event

    I had a great time in Houston. I loved the format racing to three games. I read some of the commentary and it seems that several of us want the old guys to shoot faster, play with the "Grady Rule," or just speed up play. Really, make the old guys play a game that is geared toward viewership not...
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    Best Tables To Play One Pocket

    I have three Diamonds, Red Label standard 4 1/2" and one GC2 4 1/4" at my pool room that we play One Pocket on. Over the years I've probably gravitated to the Diamonds more but I still like to play on Gold Crowns assuming they are at least 4 1/4". Diamonds play more consistently from room to...