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  1. mr3cushion

    Jayson Shaw's 714 becomes 669?

    Here's the AZB thread.
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    Efren playing 3C in SEA games.

    Efren playing Vietnamese Champion.
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    Another Strictly 3C system

    The 50% System The next two systems are very simple fixed cue ball and return systems. This means the player is going to hit the corner always, whether it is the short cushion first or long as the cue ball will return to a fixed position on the original cushion from which the cue ball departed...
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    Strictly for 3 cushion

    The Two-Thirds System The cue ball and its returns to the 3rd cushion are consistent in the making contact the corner via a long, short and long cushion path respectively. The basis for this system is simple. The player measures the cue ball position on the long cushion opposite the diamonds to...
  5. mr3cushion

    For Dr. Larry "A Kicking System"

    I know He's a 'system nut' so here's one for you Larry that I developed many years ago. It has some different Math involved, but you'll get it. BTW, this is a excerpt form one of a few a 3C clinics I held at, Southside Billiards in Savannah, GA. between 2012-13. Here's diagrams that may...
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    2 views of over 90 degree backwards cut shot

    Here's 2 views of over 90 degree cut shot with the OB off a cushion. Note: These videos go by quickly. A Bonus videos: An extreme back cut bank. The OB is frozen at 2.5 diamonds on the opposite long rail. And, backward cut shot in 1 pocket. One more Bonus vid: This is on a 10' GC1...
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    Did he go, Rail first or Ball first?

    Just saw this video of a young player shooting a shot that I play, 'Ball first'. Did He go, ball first or rail first?
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    I think this interview is worth another listen.

    My Charlie Ursitti 2016 phone interview on Willie Mosconi
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    World 3C Teams Championships LIVE Now. 03/12/2022

    Play starts for the 1/4 Finals in 5 minutes LIVE. You can watch all 4 tables on different pages.
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    World 3C Teams Championships LIVE Now.

    Unfortunately, USA has No team in the evet this year. I played in this event with Sang Lee representing the USA in 93 at this same location, Viersen, Germany.
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    3C on the 'Pool' table.

    Found this from 2017 at 'Side Pockets'.
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    Joe Hood's "Fancy Pool Shots EXPOSED"

    Hey everyone: I've got just 6 copies left! As far as I know, these are the only copies around of this wonderful book by Joe Hood on "Pool and Fancy Trick Shots EXPOSED" from 1908. Its 96 pages with over 200 explanations and diagrams of his favorite shots. This man was a remarkable entertainer...
  13. mr3cushion

    Tony C. giving up 12/3 for 1K a game.

    From Mike House "I get back at 10am to do some work, and T-Rex is still playing.. Giving up 12-3 for $1k a game." "Tony just loses two games in a row, now he's only 21 games up.." "Don't know the gentleman, someone said he's Tedder's stake horse..but he can run three balls if he gets an...
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    Greenleaf from Monmouth, IL.

    Mary K. posted this article on FB.
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    KOZOOM 24/7 FREE streaming Pool, Snooker and Billiards.

    Streamed thru Youtube, KOZOOM 24/7 FREE streaming of recorded matches with over dubbed commentary.
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    Danny D's Birthday tomorrow!

    Just got off the phone with Danny D. to give him well wishes on his 87th Birthday. He isn't doing too well at the moment but, He says He'll be fine. We spoke a little time about how most of our Friends are not here to join Him to celebrate, but, We'll all be there when the time comes. We...
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    Larry 'The Truth' Nevel passes away

    From FB by Mary K. R.I.P. Buddy.
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    "Spot Shot" NO rail!

    This is pretty sporty!
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    To be the Best it's needed by all athletes!

    This should be an element of advanced fundamentals to be the Best in any sport! “Self-control is strength. Calmness is mastery. You have to get to a point where your mood doesn’t shift based on the insignificant actions of someone else. Don’t allow others to control the direction of your life...
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    'Spot Shots' made tough! Even for Champions.

    On a 'Russian Pyramid' table. How tough is it to make a ball you ask. During a Pro Nine ball event (Earl, Mika, etc) at the location where this table was we held a contest. Between their matches, for $5 they got to shoot 5 spot shots to see how many they could make. They could try as many times...