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  1. jrhendy


    Robert defeated Fedor Gorst 5/4 early this morning to win the Big Tyme 9th annual one pocket division. Robert was leading Fedor 3/zip, when they pulled both players to catch up on the nine ball side. When they finally got back to one pocket after both players played a couple sets of nine ball...
  2. jrhendy

    Fedor Gorst and Chip Compton

    Hot seat match coming up soon on poolactiontv stream. Chip is playing almost perfect one pocket and will need it agains Fedor.
  3. jrhendy

    Fedor Gorst & Warren Kiamco coming up at 12:15 Texas time on poolactiontv at The Big Tyme Classic.

    This should be a great match. Lots of great one pocket today.
  4. jrhendy


    Eight of the best players in NorCal ponied up $250 each for our eight man round robin at The Jointed Cue. Two four man brackets & the winner of each bracket play for $1,500/500. Free stream at or Billy Palmer is back and playing.
  5. jrhendy

    $250 Entry Fee, 8 Man Round Robin at Jointed Cue

    This is the best of the best in Northern CA, who are not pros. Billy Palmer is back. I will post the streaming info later...
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    Hard Times Tournament Schedule

  7. jrhendy

    Information About 8 Man Round Robins at Jointed Cue

    This article was written by Bart Mahoney, the mastermind behind these eight man tournaments. This was the sixth tournament and the first seniors only. I missed this one because of my hip, but watched the stream, and IMO, it was a great one. Kudos to Bart and The Jointed Cue for what they are...
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    Seniors Eight Man Round Robin at Jointed Cue

    65 and over race to three. $100 ennttry fee
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    I watched one of the most entertaining bank matches, streamed by poolactiontv, that I have seen since Derby City. Fedor Gorst against Roberto Garcia, race to five. Fedor wins the first game then break and runs the second game for a 2/0 lead. Roberto fights back to tie it 2/2, then gets to the...
  10. jrhendy


    I was really looking forward to being on the poolactiontv team for the one pocket stream, but I fell and broke my hip. It did not feel bad, just a little sore, but I went in for x rays this morning, and now I am laying in a hospital bed waiting for surgery. If everything goes well, I could be...
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    LL EVENTS EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT!! Live from Griff's Billiards in Las Vegas. The US Open Championships April 3-14. Four events!!! $45,000 Total Added!! Starts this coming Sunday with the first of four events the 10 Ball. Only $34.95 for 12 days of live coverage for all four events. Discount offer...
  12. jrhendy

    Round Robin One Pocket at The Jointed Cue

    This group is from our ‘A’ player list and should be a good one. Free stream on the Jointed Cue page on Facebook. May also have you tube up and running, and I will post info if we do.
  13. jrhendy

    The Back Room @ The Jointed Cue

    We will be hosting our fourth Eight Man Round Robin at the Jointed Cue this Saturday, the 26th. They have been a tremendous success with the players, and our player pool keeps growing. Our next event will probably be for seniors, 65 and over. There will be a free stream again with yours truly...
  14. jrhendy

    Jointed Cue Eight Man Round Robin Tournaments

    We have hosted three so far and they all worked out great. Since Oscar Dominguez at Hard Times is having a 10k event later in the year, we thought we would put together an event with a 1k entry fee, since there will be some top players in town for his event. Fedor said he would like to try it...
  15. jrhendy

    Jointed Cue 8 Man Round Robin Today

    The Back Room at The Jointed Cue is hosting another 8 man round Robin today at 11 am. We pull eight players from our player pool to make it as competitive as possible. This group would be A-, and either fairly new or still learning and recently converted from rotation games or eight ball.
  16. jrhendy

    Free Stream at The Back Room at Jointed Cue

    8 man Round Robin today. Corey Duel match up here later today.
  17. jrhendy

    Another Round Robin at Jointed Cue This Saturday

    We might have started a monster here. We are having another Round Robin One Pocket Tournament this Saturday In The Back Room at Jointed Cue. One of the regulars went out and dug up six of the players himself. This is an A- group, and we changed the format a bit to $50 entry fee and race to two...
  18. jrhendy

    Free Stream 8 Man Round Robin Today at Jointed Cue

    This is the first go round on this, and we have 8 players starting at noon. There will be two four man groups, and each player gets at least three matches in his group, race to three. The winner of each group play for the $. Ties will be decided by ball count. We have around 30 players wanting...
  19. jrhendy

    Promoting One Pocket at Jointed Cue

    First, I will give a brief history of this pool room, that is still at the same location since 1969. When Terry Stonier opened this room, everything he did, was for the players and spectators. His 9 ball tournaments in the 70’s drew top players from all over the country. I used to drive up from...
  20. jrhendy

    T-Rex Beat Gorst In Final Four Of Banks

    What a match. Gorst wins the first two games, Tony wins the third and goes five and out twice to win it.