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  1. cincy_kid

    WWYD? #8911

    Your pocket is bottom left. You lead in score 2 balls to 0 Your shot, WWYD? Another yet similar view:
  2. cincy_kid

    Happy Birthday Chris (catkins)!

    Hope you enjoy your day and are able to hit some balls! Looking forward to meeting you again and playing some one hole! :)
  3. cincy_kid

    Frost vs SVB -- 2015 MIH

    If you haven't see it yet:
  4. cincy_kid

    Chohan vs Reyes -- 2016 MIH

    If you haven't seen it yet:
  5. cincy_kid

    Crazy snooker shot!

  6. cincy_kid

    Happy Birthday Cal!

    Hope you get all the rolls today, enjoy your day!
  7. cincy_kid

    SVB vs Hall -- 2015 MIH

    Another match from the 2015 MIH event in case you missed it:
  8. cincy_kid

    Efren vs Alex -- 2015 MIH

    Another battle between these 2 monsters 1 year earlier. In case you missed it:
  9. cincy_kid

    3c stream from POV at Silver Cue

    day 1 starts here:
  10. cincy_kid

    SVB vs Alex -- 2013 MIH

    If you missed it
  11. cincy_kid

    Happy Birthday Todd (one pocket guy)!

    Happy Birthday man! One of these times I hope to make it to Memphis for one of the tourneys or see you somewhere else to play some! All good rolls today!
  12. cincy_kid

    Happy Birthday Dan (ChicagoFats)!

    Hope you have a great day man! Looking forward to seeing you again and getting to play some! All good rolls today!
  13. cincy_kid

    WWYD -- #851104

    The score is: You: -2 Opponent: 1 You are not on 2 fouls but it is your shot. If you can't tell from the pics, the 5 is not bankable due to the 12 covering too much of it. WWYD?
  14. cincy_kid

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and are able to enjoy some good food with family and/or friends. Be safe!
  15. cincy_kid

    JJ vs Chohan -- 2016 MIH

    posted 16 hours ago, just saw it, watching now! :)
  16. cincy_kid

    Derby 2022

    I am not 100% sure yet on my attendance, I was just curious how many out there plan on attending in January. After being cancelled this year, I would expect a good turn out but who knows. I already know Mitch the Beast can't stay away but who else plans on coming? :)
  17. cincy_kid

    WWYD #16,209

    Another situation, this time with some more options. This game, you are winning 2-0. The 8/9 are tied up on your opponents long rail but the 12, 13, 11 and 4 all go in your opponent's hole. You can see the right half of the 13 ball. WWYD?