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    happy Birthday Billy I.

    Can't say enough about how much I appreciate all you guys, really the best group of wonderful people on any forum period. Thanks for all the Birthday wishes and making me feel relevant at my age. Love you guys. Dr. Bill
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    This match IMO is a toss up slightly favoring Scott. Scott has been working on his game for the last year or so, he most likely won't get back to his best game but it will be within 9/8 from his top speed. Dr. Bill
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    Thank You POV Pool & CA Billiards

    You avenged that quite nicely. Dr Bill
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    Thank You POV Pool & CA Billiards

    Glad to hear you are back at em. Maybe The Ghost can take another shot at you. Lol. Dr. Bill
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    WWYD here?

    Good call. That's my shot as well, you are going into a big ball playing the combo, put A SWEET stroke on it and I wouldn't be surprised if you put yourself in the driver's seat when all said and done Dr. Bill
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    Good Luck John Crabb

    Great news John, go getem hope to see you soon. Dr. Bill
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    Happy Birthday Robert Newkirk!

    Happy Birthday Robert. Hope everything is great today and every day going forward. Bill Incardona
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    Good Luck John Crabb

    Good luck John, I'll be praying for you. Dr. Bill
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    Walking with Giants, Cole

    It's true Jimmy, really don't know the facts but I have a clear memory of the talk on the street just after it happened. He was screwing the wrong people and they shot him up with herion. All I heard afterwards was too bad he finally got what he deserved. Sizemore played with the 7ball against...
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    Walking with Giants, Hippy Jimmy

    Jimmy Reid IMO was as strong of a 9ball player that this country produced through the 60s,'70s, and '80s. Make no mistake about it. His ball-striking skills were as good as any player I have ever watched play, and his ability to concentrate was uncanny. He often fell into a deep concentrate...
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    I'm thrilled you are back and moving on your own now; let's play some one-pocket;) Dr. Bill
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    2021 One Pocket Top 10

    It's hard to put Filler in the top ten because of his limited Onepocket tournament and gambling matches. However, he has the ability and ball striking skills to easily make the top five but in all fairness lets wait and let him earn it. #1 Orcollo #2 Pagulayan #3 Chohan #4 Hall #5 Frost #6...
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    Kybanks vs NV #4. WWYD

    Tom, playing off the 9ball will cluster the 9-11-and 15ball which will allow me the time to maneuver around to play a good cue ball to the foot end of the table. You also must consider the position of the 8ball as we are knitting around the head end of the table which will always offer me an...
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    Podcast with Q&A with Tony Chohan

    IMO, he is clearly the best American player. (providing his sports picks are doing well) Dr. Bill
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    Kybanks vs NV #4. WWYD

    Playing the 3ball with inside is a very viable option with a big up-side, however, this option carries a higher risk than playing a solid defensive shot like falling under the 15ball playing off the 9ball. Or possibly playing under the 12ball softly rolling into the 6ball. The spinning down...
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    WWYD: Kybanks vs NV #1

    By the way, Hacker, I'm now 77 years old. I'll play you now at 77, the same game I played Jerry five years ago 11/7 and broke even. I would love to see you squirm as you play all your perfect shots. I know, you're going to say you haven't been playing..either have I. Dr. Bill
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    WWYD: Kybanks vs NV #1

    I'm glad you came back to life, now I'll explain why the soft kick onto the 15ball is a viable option providing the 15ball is 1/4" from the rail. If you notice by shooting directly at the 15ball you are crossing the ball as opposed to shooting into the ball which makes it a more difficult and...
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    Kybanks vs NV #2. WWYD

    That's the shot I see as well. I play this shot on a tape that I made 25 years ago. " A common-sense approach to One Pocket" Dr. Bill
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    WWYD: Kybanks vs NV #1

    Good post Jim. That's how I see it too, shooting the 15ball is not a difficult hit when you consider the distance the 15 is from the cushion. The shooter's objective is to get through this inning (unless you are a top-five ball-striker) banking the 15ball toward the 7ball offers you a high...
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    WWYD: Kybanks vs NV #1

    I would like to start by saying that the shooter is not an 85% favorite from this position, I would guess at around 65% when you consider how the balls are positioned. Even playing a perfect safety off the 15ball puts the shooter at best around 70%. The following evaluation is based off of...