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  1. Island Drive

    For Sale 2 LD Wooden Shafts

    5/16 14 pin Been retipped 3 times, made at the Carmelli cue shop in S. Cal. Length 29'' Fits Joss, Kikel Schon. Made one yr ago. One shaft is 13mm the other slightly less
  2. Island Drive

    Another AZ layout your shot.

  3. Island Drive


    I might do a layover on my way to Big Tyme first of June. Any room there that's safe and has players?
  4. Island Drive

    One Pocket....Big Tyme

    Just entered their 5K added one hole event. Spring TX 100 Cypresswood Dr. n of Houston. 11:30 am 6-10-2021 players meeting. Anyone wanna share a rm ??? pm me. bm
  5. Island Drive

    Two Shots Shootout

    That's what we could call our next 65 and over event to represent the Covid moment. Get the second shot, your in!
  6. Island Drive

    Saratoga 8 ball

    Has anyone played this format before? Sounds Very interesting on a bar box. 13 balls. Your playing 8 ball, But missing one stripe and one solid. Once you choose your ball group then.... You have to run out in rotation, 8 ball last.
  7. Island Drive

    Downtown Denver 50's 60's & 70's Elder Black player

    I just can't remember his name. Was from the WWII generation. A Very pleasant man, who always dressed sharp, and played at a different level in all games with the locals at 38th & Sheridan. He wore a hat and always in a nice jacket and pants....very pleasant in nature. If I heard his name...
  8. Island Drive

    Shooters Olathe KS

    I texted Dan's wife about our Sr. Event. They have at least 10 9' tables Gold Crowns I'm pretty sure, played there Many times in my younger days. Once I talk with Dan I'll get back to ya'll. Keri's response was positive, and I was very surprised she gave me his ph. #....we've know each other...
  9. Island Drive

    Southern Cal. La Area

    Gonna be out there next mth, any one wanna hit some if I get a baby break? She just turned 31 days old.
  10. Island Drive

    Caddie Tournament W Member

    Here's an idea/thought to create new players and interest. Have each member in good standing bring a new player to an event, and have the experienced player tell them what to shoot and Why. Be a great way to get Sparks involved. Similar to what W the caddies do in Pro Golf events.
  11. Island Drive

    Any Stream Live or NOT

    Terry Hanna, mornin'. Yrs ago I started working with Pat Fleming/Accu Stats video productions at the Reno Events and others. During that time I even went back and took radio and tv production classes at our local college to improve, seldom did any productions get on TV....tho Pat sold allot of...
  12. Island Drive

    One Pocket/8 ball

    I've been using the one pocket thought process allot more in 8 ball this past weekend. It makes one realize, how difficult/important good table management is when one plays 8 ball on a tight 7' bar table (it's actually a great game because of this aspect). It' similar in thought process to one...
  13. Island Drive

    W Diddy Doo 1

    Shot sequences till a run of 6.....ten ball combo does not go.
  14. Island Drive

    State Challenge/National Winner

    Is this feasible? Each state have their members blind draw, coordinate meet and play at home tables. When each state is down to 2 players, then have your USA end of yr Event....for those winners. Each state coordinates their player groups. Have qualifiers, races to 5. Or races to 3...
  15. Island Drive

    Water Dog....Player

    Did he play one pocket in his day? I'm trying to remember em. But only ran into/across em, maybe 1/2 doz. times. Did not know if this game was in his skill set. There was something about his game that was ''lock down''. Don't know if it was from his play, or from the chemicals or bar...
  16. Island Drive

    Chicago Artie/Bensingers/Speed Ck

    How would some of you compare his game to the current world beaters? Could Orcullo or Shane give em 9-7? Could Grady win getting 9-8? Never played in that room in my youth, tho did go in a few times. Lots of old men LOL, and those old style lean back chairs with the aluminum tubing.... that...
  17. Island Drive

    Corn Tournament/Fall

    I think, thru hell or high water we should lock down a virus tournament, to cough'cough' all get together and play FALL. With this epidemic most likely sprouting up here and there the next decade, lifes killing me anyway. :) $250 entry, pay down top 40% of field, max 32. If your over 65 the...
  18. Island Drive

    Olathe/KS/Shooters.... One Pkt 3-26-27

    Anyone going?
  19. Island Drive

    One Pocket Event/Side Bar Banks/Full Rack????

    Might be an interesting sidebar game to have at one of our events. Dbl elim. one rack bank game, first to 8 moves on. If you make a bank and scratch you don't owe an additional ball, just spot it up....BIH in the kitchen. A normal scratch won't count against you, just gives opponent BIH...