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  1. Bob Jewett

    Dennis vs. Busty -- premiering now!

    From the 2019 DCC
  2. Bob Jewett

    Pagulayan vs. Jeremy Jones premiering now

    This Accu-stats match from 2016 is premiering now on YouTube
  3. Bob Jewett

    Eddie Robin 3-Cushion book

    Sold. This copy has been sold but I have another one with an extensive inscription by Eddie for $340. I have an autographed copy of Robin's book, "Position Play in Three Cushion Billiards". It is in like-new condition and is autographed. $320 includes shipping.
  4. Bob Jewett

    Inside Pool magazine -- complete years available

    I have an almost complete run of Inside Pool 2001-2011 available, as well as a bunch of individual issues. $4/issue plus shipping. Contact me for details or specific needs and quantity discounts.
  5. Bob Jewett

    David Lee Jones one pocket book

    Here is a book that just came up on Ebay. Is anyone here familiar with the author, David Lee Jones of St. Louis? Developed to provide billiard players with a reliable study that is both scholarly and spiritually relevant. The result is an excellent study tool you can depend on, one that will...
  6. Bob Jewett

    Shots, Moves & Strategies, some damage, $160 (sold)

    This book has been sold. I have a copy of Eddie Robin's Shots, Moves & Strategies. It is in pretty good condition except that the lower-right corner of the book seems to have had a brief encounter with a chainsaw or some such. The cover itself is shredded for about 3/4 inch just on the corner...
  7. Bob Jewett

    Winning One Pocket, 1st edition, some defects $270 (SOLD)

    This book has been sold. I have a first edition of Winning One Pocket. It is in pretty good condition, but has a couple of no-no's for a book collector: The corrections to typos that the first edition had (due to a character-set mismatch for things like 1/2 (½) on Eddie's computer and at the...
  8. Bob Jewett

    Two other little kiss shots by the rail

    Here are two other kiss shots by the rail that are better known than Jerry's (Efren's) shot. Each is shown first close to the rail (where it is easiest to control) and then farther from the rail so you can see the action better.
  9. Bob Jewett

    Special limited set of Robin's one pocket books

    Eddie Robin had 32 special sets of his two one pocket books made up. They were bound in gold-colored "lizard skin" and each copy was actually signed by the co-authors. Eddie told me the story of what he had to do to get six co-authors to each sign 32 times -- it was quite an ordeal. Eddie also...
  10. Bob Jewett

    Eddie Robin Shots, Moves and Strategies $210

    SOLD -- This appears to be a clean, unread copy of SM&S. Signed by Eddie on the front cover in silver pen. Postage is $10 media mail or $20 if you want it fast. email:
  11. Bob Jewett

    Eddie Robin's "Shots, Moves, and Strategies" $180

    THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD. Send me email if you want any billiard book -- I might have it. I have another copy of Eddie's second book on one pocket. This one has no signatures. It has a few minor small brown stains on the page edges and a couple of bumps. The pages themselves are all clean and...
  12. Bob Jewett

    Eddie Robin's "Shots, Moves and Strategies", $200

    SOLD New, with Eddie's signature on the cover in silver pen. $200 includes media mail shipping or add $12 for priority. email: