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    Back in the day, whenever there were 2 guys who knew each other were in the finals, it seemed they would always "save" something. That way, if you lost, you didn't lose as big of a margin as you did if you didn't save. I know it's different in gambling and I respect both players so I don't think...
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    Wow what a close match..I smell a rematch!
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    International One-Pocket Championship - Oct. 22-23, Incardona doing the commentary

    OSPN is Zach (a member here, Goldy) and he has stream cameras up in a lot of pool rooms all over the country. I just communicated with him lately via email about a different topic and he told me has been doing a stuff for Accu-Stats Video Productions lately, so maybe we will start seeing...
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    Wwyd from BG

    I like banking the 9 ball as well and drawing back to my long rail and back to play shape on the 11. Power stroke, it's go time! :)
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    I like this or if there's room maybe 3 rail long bank on the 5 with some max LHE so the CB spins around 3 rails back to where it is now
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    one pocket weekly league

    A few posts here that may help, good luck!
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    Incardona/Mathews, 1994

    I saw this a while back when they first posted it, great match/video!
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    Compton vs Thorpe

    just finished this match, I am surprised Billy pulled that one out...good shooting!
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    WWYD here?

    Good point. I still think he can draw above the side and shoot the 14 to the long rail though
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    Deuel vs Bergman -- 2013 Southern Classic

    Just saw Pat posted this yesterday, enjoy!
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    WWYD here?

    Yep. You could tell he was trying the shot described by kyb because he lined his stick up to hit the long rail before the 4 ball. Had he done that, the 14 would have gone towards the 7/9 and stack and made some positive movement his way. He got lucky and unlucky at the same time. :)
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    WWYD here?

    kybanks, Dr. Bill and I think Ratamon or anyone else who chose shooting the 14 into the 4 gets the cookie. This was Chip vs Thorpe from 2017 and the most recent 1p match Pat has posted on YT. It was Chip's shot and he hit it too good by actually making both balls in his opponent's hole. It...
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    A 'Bugs' Rucker bank!

    Good shot! Playing Bank Pool, that would have to be called as 2 rails correct? The short rail then the long rail?
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    it could definitely be organized better, I will work on that. Here is a direct link to the black one: How would you rate the quality Crabbcat?
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    WWYD here?

    Don't you leave a cross corner on the 7 or 9 if the CB stays down by the opponents pocket?
  16. cincy_kid

    WWYD here?

    For those making the 4 and running into 9 and 7...if you don't make something in your hole, you are most likely selling out a cross corner
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    WWYD here?

    You can shoot straight down the rail at the 4 if you choose so yes you can hit to the left of the 10, but the stripe next to the 10 has you blocked from seeing 2/3 of the 10.. hope that makes sense. I still like your intentional shot either way.
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    Gary Spaeth's famous double cross corner bank unraveled!

    Take a video with your phone or camera and then put it on youtube. If you have a Google account, you already have a YouTube account since they own it. Log in and upload the video from your phone or PC (if using a camera).
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    Gary Spaeth's famous double cross corner bank unraveled!

    If you upload something to YouTube, even if you delete it from your camera, it will live online forever unless you go into YouTube and delete the video from there too.
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    WWYD here?

    ball count is 2-0, your opponent is winning, your shot, WWYD? (you can only see maybe the right 1/3 of the 10 ball, you cant hit it straight on) You are not hooked on the titty but you are on the long rail real close to the pocket corner.