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  1. TxOnePocket

    Tom Wirth Appreciation

    I just wanted to thank @Tom Wirth for the great job he did in the booth this weekend, you JJ and Billy are all three fantastic!
  2. TxOnePocket

    Re Edit of your top 10 at the end of 2020

    I think there has been decent movement of this list the entire year, and it looks like Scott has been in the lab with what I would call a very impressive game plan and performance this weekend, he still made plenty of un-scott like errors throughout the match and still was pretty much right...
  3. TxOnePocket

    Tomorrow @ 11 am Rebroadcast of the Final Four from last weekend

    Replay of the Aramith/Simonis Pro Classic One Pocket division final day will begin at 11am Sunday cdt. It includes the final four matches of the event. Tony Chohan vs Chip Compton Alex Pagulayan vs Dennis Orcollo Hotseat Match Alex Pagulayan vs Chip Compton Semi Finals Dennis Orcollo vs...
  4. TxOnePocket

    This weekends Alex vs Dennis matchs

    It's been pretty silent here at One Pocket headquarters after a pretty solid weekend of world class open pocket, I'm wondering what some of your impressions were of the tone of the two match's Alex and Dennis played. Disclaimer* I'm a huge Alex Pagulayan fanboy and believe he's the best thing...
  5. TxOnePocket

    DFW One Pocket Tournament Ideas?

    Whats it gonna take to get to get a Monthly or Bi-Quarterly One Pocket Tournament established in the DFW area, and would some our our illustrious member here come support it if the set up was good? I'd like to hear some ideas from the experienced players and tourney runners. How many tables is...
  6. TxOnePocket

    2020 US Open One Pocket

    Has anyone confirmed the dates for this years ( 2020 ) One Pocket and Banks open championship? I thought I had the dates May 24th - June 1st at Griffs but it seems i've been looking at 2019's flyer, any info would be great!