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    Freddy"s day at Chrisses Biliards in Chicago.

    I was just thinking about Freddy. So I started looking at his bank pool book. Freddy really did a great job. And Freddy rote a great book on bank pool. ' I would say its by far the best bank pool book out there. Even though I didn't care for the game. It sure is nice to watch two great...
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    For all the people who read this.

    Tell us about your most interesting and exiting pool match or session you played in your life? The game you will always remember. Your number one favor it pool game you played?
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    Friends come and go but family is forever

    This is for Freddy's family friends and all the people who care. If you love someone, tell them. Remember always to say what you mean. Never be afraid to express yourself. Take this opportunity to tell someone what they mean to you. Seize the day and...
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    There will never be another Freddy He was the Superman of pool Part 6

    Freddy was the unique little kid from Bensingers. Freddy was truly one of a kind. And Freddy was a master of his game. Thank you Freddy for all your hard work. You have gone the distance and done a great job. And it shows your true colors. you spent your life playing your game, and giving the...
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    There will never be another Freddy He was the Superman of pool part 5

    Life is very short, so it wont be long before I join you in the kingdom of God. And eternal life with my savior Jesus Christ. Who gave me courage and made me strong. Jesus Christ is my savior and role model in life. And he is always with me by my side, never alone. And now Freddy will live with...
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    Wrong post

    made a mistake
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    There will never be another Freddy He was the Superman of pool Part 4

    I am happy for Freddy He is going to bank pool heaven. Where Freddy's mom and dad will be waiting for Freddy. And I can make a list of all the people and friends will be waiting for Freddy to arrive. And the list will be longer than Freddy's beat list.He will see race track Phil and Cheat...
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    There will never be another Freddy He was the Superman of pool Part 3

    Freddy is a great story teller. And Minnesota fats was his hero. Fats was number one and Freddy was number two. And Bugs ad Eddie Taylor were the two best bankers in life. Freddy and fats had a lot in common. They both loved too talk. Bugs and Eddy Taylor and Freddy were decipals of bank pool...
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    There will never be another Freddy He was the Superman of pool Part 2

    And Bugs smiled and said very good Freddy. I have to get me one of those superman jersey's. Bugs loved Freddy. And Freddy loved every minute playing the great Bugs, Freddy was in seventh heaven. Freddy new Bugs and Eddie Taylor were the greatest two bankers in the world. Let there be no...
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    There will never be another Freddy He Was The Superman Off pool

    Freddy Bentivegna the young man who gave his heart to his family. And his mind to bank pool. And all his books and speeches will go down in history.The older Freddy got the smarter he got. Freddy gave more to the game than he took.I watched Freddy grow from his hippie days to the Vietnam...
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    What the JUdges did too set the president and see the truth.

    I think it was the suprime court yesterday. SEt the president that the people who servie a drunk are resposablev for what he does. I love it I said it over and over again. THat they people serving the people should be responsable. for serving them more drinks when thier drunk. And when a...
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    US Open One Pocket Winner.

    Show the Eferine and Chriss Gentile game for the championchip. If you can. And howe do you get too see the comontating taps. I have too see howe meny mistakes I made. And what the shots were that Billy picket. And I picket. And I did one with Larry Shwartz. That one I no went very...
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    What is it worth too be the greatest One Pocket player in the world?

    What is the value off being the greatest. One Pocket player in the world. And no what you are doing. What players play the game off one pocket correctly. And Why? And pick your player. And tell me Why you think he is the greatest player. Or is everyone just picking and gussing. Who realy...
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    Why do the call the game off one pocket one pocket.

    Thier are two pockets used too play the game. Wouldnt the correct name be pocket apeace. Who was the person that gave the game its name One Pocket. What if both players played one pocket and the both had the same pocket. That would be a one pocket game. I never herd who gave the name...
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    Howe meny suckers are coming too Las Vegas.

    I think every Tom Dick and Harry. Will come too the US open onepocket in las vehas. No experience neccasary. Just bring cash. If you dont no howe too bet youre money. We will showe you howe too bet youre money. Las Vegas is a drope off money spot for suckers. THey talke youre money and say...
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    Howe is the fog in London Dippy.

    Are you going too be at the US open one pocket tournememt in Las Vegas. Or have you lost your taste for le glamor and lights. let me no so I can figure out what too look forward too. And Im still looking too comontate a game with you. That you promiste me. I no you are a honrable man...
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    Everyone Has Too Do Something In Life.

    It might as well be one pocket. Or anything you enjoy doing.
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    The Voice Behind The Game..

    Who is pools best comontator? Comontarors that are hall off fame players cannot answer for themselves or to this thread. This is for everyone but the commontators. That means I can reply. No doctors allowed.
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    Ronnie is waiting too play Dippy.Were are you

    Ronnie has all his backers her with him. He wants too play you Dippy. He thinks you are hiding from him. Ronnie said he never lost too ant off the poocker players Playing Golf Pool or anytting they gambled at. He said that the only thing any pooker players can beat him at is making faces. He...
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    Dippy are you practicing your commontating.

    I herd Dippy just Bought a cue that cant miss. Hurry back Dippy we miss you. THe town is turning all thier lights down in the Casinos. Sice you left. If you play pool like you play cards You will win. Next time you play let me no. I would enjoy watching you play. I havant seen you play yet...