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  1. stevelomako

    Gambling question

    There are so many people that if they have to pay after every game, they never win. They just never win. They just can’t come to grips about pulling real money out of their pocket every game. Some of the same people…if you let them use a coin they might win more often than not. I’ve seen it...
  2. stevelomako

    I want to ask this rule question!

    This one might end up being tough. That being said, the offending player can not benefit in any way shape or form from this. The incoming player might have to have 2 or 3 options to choose from. Let him pick which one he wants. I.E.- (1) The balls lay where they are and he takes ball in hand...
  3. stevelomako

    2021 One Pocket Top 10

    Yah He’s probably washed up.
  4. stevelomako

    Am I bad action?

    This was a nice self knock. 😆
  5. stevelomako

    Walking with Giants, Hippy Jimmy

  6. stevelomako

    Am I bad action?

    This is awesome! If you had it recorded it would be something to treasure forever. I would get a shirt made with Bad Action! printed on the front or one of those old aprons guys used to wear and have it printed on that…I’d put it on anytime 3 fingers was around. Do not ever give him an inch...
  7. stevelomako

    2021 One Pocket Top 10

    You sound like you might be in on any games he has. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 We have to make sure he doesn’t learn cheap.
  8. stevelomako

    Walking with Giants, Hippy Jimmy

    You’re welcome Frank
  9. stevelomako

    Accustats VHS tapes of one pocket matches from the 80's and 90's

    How about a bunch of us chip in and have them converted to DVD’s, or whatever is used nowadays and we can send them to each other to watch. Keep a set of copies for yourself. Just an idea.
  10. stevelomako

    Things have slowed to a crawl on the site

    Life keeps moving on Things change Someone just called my pager…anyone know where I can find a pay phone?
  11. stevelomako

    Slept balls and when to respot

    Why would his opponent have ball in hand? Because he should…is there a time limit on when you put it back on the table where it was originally? What if he picked it up and walked around the table with it then went “ oh shit” and put it back. Why should we be held responsible for what we do...
  12. stevelomako

    One Ball One Pocket

    At the golf course one day I was a last minute replacement for a foursome. The first Par 3 180yards, I made a hole in one. The guys said “Oh, that’s no good, we don’t count those, we play that you can only get on the green, you lose a stroke and hit again” 🤦🏻‍♂️ You’re all getting to be too...
  13. stevelomako

    One Ball One Pocket

    And by the way, I’m spotting everyone on here the break. 😱
  14. stevelomako

    One Ball One Pocket

    Hey! Here’s a thought. Just pretend your opponent broke and put the balls where you think they should be after the break…and start from there. 🧐
  15. stevelomako

    One Ball One Pocket

    Why can’t you win on the first shot? You both have 7 and both need one.
  16. stevelomako

    One Ball One Pocket

    Oh Lordy 🤦🏻‍♂️ Can we please make this as difficult as we can. Hendy and I are in the small minority of…just find a spot to start with the 2 balls and just play. Let’s mess it up with “you can’t do this” “you can’t do that” Jesus
  17. stevelomako

    Chohan turns 40

    You misspelled Tony…it’s Tarjit. 🤷🏻‍♂️ 😁
  18. stevelomako

    One Ball One Pocket

    Oh…my…god All this talk about this and that. Just set up the first shot where you can shoot at your hole if you want. Eliminate all this other garbage, can’t win on the first shot but you can lose on the second…wtf! 2-1 against you right off the bat. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Put the ball on the spot and...
  19. stevelomako

    Chohan v. Compton recap and analysis

    Lines open