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  1. wgcp

    $3,000 Added 6th Annual Seniors One Pocket Tournament July 1-4th, 2021

    same here I qualify next year...
  2. wgcp Mini in Nola

    stop calling me pokey...
  3. wgcp Mini in Nola

    put me in coach...if nothing less I will donate if I can't make it....and donate if I
  4. wgcp

    Happy Birthday Ghost!!!! I mean Ghroast!!

    Very Happy Birthday... B
  5. wgcp

    John Henderson

    Speedy recovery my friend B
  6. wgcp Mini in Nola

    Hopefully I will be able to join the foray...but right now I am a day to day on what I can and can't do... B
  7. wgcp

    Happy Birthday, Mitch

    happy birthday
  8. wgcp

    End game Wwyd for the cash

    looks like a kiss on the 13 bank...doesn't look like you can remove the one with the could jump the 13 and make the one and cueball or cue ball off the table, then it looks like the 13 would be available for your opponent... My choice would be elevate and bank the 13 then follow the...
  9. wgcp meetup at Buffs!!!!

    This is COL Bill....
  10. wgcp meetup at Buffs!!!!

    Just had my second covid shot...sounds like a good time and I plan on being there...albeit driving back and forth each day...I am a donkey at one pocket right now just have not been playing...
  11. wgcp

    Senior one pocket tournament this year

    I will be there....albeit 64 this year...only one more year for ya'll to
  12. wgcp

    Happy Birthday, Colonel

    Thanks guys
  13. wgcp

    WWYD - WCRanger vs. Col. Bille - 1/?

    I believe by this he was getting the break and 9 to 7... it was a lot of fun playing again against Nathan and Matt...I just got really lucky...
  14. wgcp

    Derby City

    Anybody going to go? The new discounted room rates are now up...I just haven't booked it yet...
  15. wgcp

    Happy Birthday RNEWKIRK

    Happy birthday...but that don’t mean you get a spot...
  16. wgcp

    how did you get into one pocket?

    Compression fracture of T10 vertebrae in couldn't play competitive golf...a week in Freddie the Beards basement and I was hooked on pool for life...just so many possibilities to learn and then execute...still not any good, but working at it...
  17. wgcp

    Road Trip in October to Mississippi

    Ill make sure the miller ponies are here...Matt crushed me at one pocket last time he was here...
  18. wgcp

    5 rack game?

    I think at the next mot I want to play whitey banks...he has posted some impressive shots...nothing like seeing the shot in person, at least it gives me the speed of the hit... I will post one albeit it will be embarrassing...
  19. wgcp

    5 rack game?

    Really impressed with yalls cue control...I had forgotten how good you guys play...I can’t get over 10 at
  20. wgcp

    Happy birthday, Rod!

    hell i missed it...happy belated birthday