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    If the U.S. Presidents Had Been One Pocket Players

    In honor of our politically charged environment. Tried not to show any bias (but I probably did). Richard Nixon - Better keep track of the score and make sure you don't forget to take your balls from the ball return after your turn's over. Jimmy Carter - Kicks the balls up-table to play the...
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    Best African-American one-pocket player outside of Bugs

    Realizing that the HOF is to some extent a popularity contest, who do some of the old-timers (no offense intended :) ) on this site think was the best one pocket player outside of Bugs? Only two of these players I list below are in the HOF, but I've heard some of the others could play as good...
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    Jarrod Clowery injured in Marathon blast

    Found out on AZBilliards that New Englander Jarrod Clowery was injured in the blast at the Marathon on Monday. I remember him on the pool scene back in 2003-6. He was one of the best 9-ball players in that area. Didn't know him well, but sad to hear he was hurt...
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    Winning One Pocket and Shots, Moves, & Strategies

    I have a copy of both Winning One Pocket and Shots, Moves, & Strategies that I'm thinking of selling. I bought both used in 2003, but both are in very good condition. Through my travels, I acquired many signatures of top players in both books, whether or not they were featured in the books...
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    One Pocket Ghost: check your PMs

    One Pocket Ghost: Check your PMs
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    Jersey Bill

    Jersey Bill is Bill Hendrixson (sometimes people think his last name is Henderson). Very strong one pocket player from Northern New Jersey. He is very knowledgeable as well. Jersey Mel is also from the same area. He was also a strong player, but not sure he plays anymore. Judging from what...
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    Johnny Irish

    I suppose this could be considered for the Hall of Fame Discussion thread, but since his name's not even on the ballot, I don't really know if it belongs there. First let me say that I never saw him play, and I have never seen many of the oldest players play, but from what I've heard from old...
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    What time is Efren/Cliff scheduled?

    Can anyone tell me what time the Efren/Cliff match is scheduled? i watched the Daulton/Efren match yesterday and it was very entertaining. Thanks
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    Cooney over Parica?

    As great a one pocket player as Jack Cooney was, I can't for the life of me figure out how he could be getting HOF votes 3 to 1 over Jose Parica. Just an observation.
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    Question about Efren and Hard Times in LA

    I have a bet with someone about how long it's been since Efren failed to win a one pocket tournament in which he played. One of my friends claims that Efren played in the Hard Times Summer Jamboree One Pocket Tournament in LA in 1999 and lost to ?Bustamante in the semi finals. Does anyone know...
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    Results to the Sterling, VA 1P Tournament

    1) Matthew Clatterbuck 2) Ilir Jaho 3) Ryan McCreesh 4) Larry Kressel 5-6) Myke Munoz, Tom Wirth 7-8) Me (Reza), Brandon Shuff 9-12) Pooky Rasmeloungon, Dale Kokoski, Paul Helms, ? 13-16) Mike Davis, Richard Barney, ?, ?
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    One Pocket Tournament this weekend in Sterling, VA

    This weekend in Sterling, VA (30 minutes outside DC), the Planet-Pool tour is holding a two-day one pocket tournament. I believe the entry is around $60 and there is $1,500 or so added. There will be a calcutta. It will be race-to-3 double elimination. It will probably be a very strong...
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    Weekly Handicapped 1P Tourn. in North Jersey

    There's a new poolroom in Edison, New Jersey, and every Saturday at 1pm they have a handicapped one pocket tournament. $50 entry fee Calcutta with a minimum $25 purchase Race to 3 single elimination It has been going on for the past couple months and they have been getting some very, very...
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    George Rood and Rags Fitzpatrick

    So on my gradual trip east returning from the US Open 1P in Louisville a couple weeks ago, I stopped at Airway Billiards in Dayton, OH. Dayton is home to many strong players including Jason Miller, Joe Brown, Frank Ruby, and Ryan Stone. Anway, on one of the walls was a rather large tribute (in...
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    Addition to the Record Book

    I was watching an Accu-stats yesterday from 1991 Legends in Columbia, SC and Freddie the Beard was playing Eddie "the Hat" Burton. Buddy Hall was commentating and mentioned in the beginning of the match that Eddie Burton finished second to Weenie Beanie at the 1972 Stardust One Pocket Tournament.
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    Old Pictures of Rags Fitzpatrick

    I recently came across these two pictures of Johnny "Rags" Fitzpatrick, a player who many of the greatest one pocket players feel was the best ever -- even the late Beanie, who saw and played every great player in the last 50 years. Both the pictures are from 1956, I think. In the one picture...
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    Another Addition to the Record Book

    Steve, Another tournament who's results should go in the record book as a regional tournament was a small, but very tough, one pocket tournament held at Orange Ball Billiards in Rockville, MD in May 2004. The field included Grady Mathews, Jimmy Fusco, Tom Wirth, Billy Stephen, and Gerry...
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    Addition to the Tournament Records

    Steve, I recently watched an accu-stats of Jersey Red playing Bob Osbourne (aka Ogburn) with Buddy and Cardone commentating at the 1991 Philadelphia Legends tournament. Buddy mentioned that in the days leading up to the main event, South Philly Billiards had held a "mini" one pocket tournament...
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    Handicapped 1P Tourn. in Indiana, PA

    Gary Nolan, better known as "the Bushwacker" has recently purchased Lucky Break Billiards in Indiana, PA (1 hour east of Pittsburgh and site of the PA state 9-ball championships) and is planning on holding what he hopes will become a monthly handicapped one pocket tournament at his room. The...
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    "Busdriver" Ronnie

    I was at USA Billiards in Laurel, MD this past weekend, and I had the pleasure of meeting and matching up with a one pocket legend from the Washington DC metro area and one of the best black one pocket players from the 60s and 70s, "Bus Driver" Ronnie. He's 68 years old, but his stroke his...