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  1. Dudley

    Tony vs Dennis WWYD

    I'd look hard at something like this.. In the second pic it looks like it may be laying well to get both balls out of the banking lane and float below the balls by his hole. I'd probably follow it with a little right english. The situation is so tough it seems worth an aggressive defensive...
  2. Dudley

    jeremy tony 10

    This is the safest option imo.. Doesn't accomplish much but protects your side and protects banks. Might get a better look next inning. - dudley
  3. Dudley

    R. Martinez vs. E. Reyes 2014 D.C.C.

    This is the first thing I would look hard at... Have to hit it strong with the right juice and power to get your rock to the stack--> but could possibly come out well. The kiss on the rock is a def possibility though. I avoid do nothing shots unless I have a big moving advantage against my...
  4. Dudley


    I would shoot it like this with a little high left.. Many good things could happen. If the balls roll right you could protect any banks by having a ball in the open on your side. Dudley
  5. Dudley

    WWYD for my match today

    These are the 2 shots I like... I think option 2 is better if the side pocket isn't in the way of the 2 railer. Dudley
  6. Dudley

    newbees wwyd #4

    This would have been my option... Didn't read past the first page before drawing this up. Dudley
  7. Dudley

    Ghost vs. John WWYD?

    This is what I would do. If you leave the 15 in a good spot he might be forced to move the 3 or leave you a chance to take it out on the next shot. Dudley
  8. Dudley

    banking the ball backwards

    Petie and John, It's good to know there are some others that have worked in this industry... It's sort of a dying trade nowadays but we're doing our best to keep the spindles turning. I'm a youngster but I've been machining since I was 16. (18 years now) Our biggest machine a Monarch CNC...
  9. Dudley

    WWYD: Shoot or not shoot?

    If this shot was on it would be my first choice. the cut would be my second. I can't tell if there's enough room for the cue ball without being at the table. Dudley
  10. Dudley

    Getting my Diamond table reworked.

    Glen made a stop by my Dad's place and set up his table. Too bad I only get to play on it 1 or 2 times a year. He's highly recommended by me. He does nice work. Dudley
  11. Dudley

    S. Frost vs. S. Ochoa 2012 Tunica

    This would be my preferred shot if I was comfortable with the table. From the top view it looks weird however while playing I never really get to see the table from that perspective... So based on the pov image I think it's on. I like getting on the 2 ball. If you get there it can be a super...
  12. Dudley

    C. Deuel vs. E. Reyes 2011 U.S. Open

    This is my shot from here.... *After looking at the second view a little more closely I really have no idea if my lines are correct as it looks like a different angle on the ten in the second picture. Regardless--> I would still shoot the same shot just send the cue ball towards a different...
  13. Dudley

    efren /scott again

    play shape!! play shape!! If I was feeling comfortable with my speed and the rails I would definitely consider this...(see pic below) The bank will always be there and I want to get as many as possible in the run. I might even be able get most of em. I would definitely not play the bank...
  14. Dudley

    Would you put this last ball into play, in a serious game?

    Tyler, Below is what I have in mind when I say the 2 railer... It hasn't been shown yet to my knowledge in this thread. It was discussed a while ago and this is what I think a typical "good outcome" is of the shot. I'm probably off about how the cue ball ends up on the end rail and where the...
  15. Dudley

    Owen vs. Chohan 2007 U.S. Open final

    If I had eaten my wheaties that day and was feeling really sporty. I would go for this. (maybe not) It's hard to read the angle from the view and depending on how close the rock is to the rail it might not even be close to shootable. But.. I would take a look. :) Dud
  16. Dudley

    Frost/ochoa 2010 dcc #25

    I could never pass up that combo... However I would play it rail first so the shape would come out better. Rail first allows you to have a thicker hit on the combo so your cue ball will travel less distance and take a better line. Dud
  17. Dudley

    D. DiLiberto vs. T. Fleharty 2000 D.C.C.

    That angle doesn't look tough to me but it's in the eye of the beholder. Here is a shot that I would bet money on making in 3 tries. Cue ball on the head spot object ball on the foot spot. It looks impossible unless you try and shoot it. It's not that tough. It's way worse the the angle...
  18. Dudley

    D. DiLiberto vs. T. Fleharty 2000 D.C.C.

    OK, Now this is my shot. (at the right hole this time) shot with draw and full left english. I'm taking a swing and not paying attention to the score. Sometimes you feel like shooting. Dud
  19. Dudley

    gray /svb

    Without being at the table I can't see if it is on but I would def look at this option. :D I would predict a more accurate result but It's hard to tell from a pic with a single perspective. Dud
  20. Dudley

    Cliff Joyner vs. Richie Richeson Green Room Finals Game #1

    I didn't spend much time showing the exact result I would hope to achieve but this would be my shot in this spot. I would try to get the cue ball frozen on the back rail in line with the 3, 5 and 14 and your pocket, another ball (the 4) closer to your hole while keeping the 2 ball in a bankable...