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    Accu-stats Tapes for Sale Prices tomorrow

    One Pocket 66 Tapes Inc: Ronnie Allen matches 5 tapes 2000 Alex Pagulayers vs. Jose Pariga Semi-Finals 2002 Jose Parica vs. John Schmidt 1999 Tang Hoa vs. Shannon Daulton 2004 Scotty Frost vs. Margo Marquez Marco Marquez vs. Efren Reyes 1998 Ray Martin vs. Shannon Daulton I 1998 Ray Martin...
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    Many original Accu-stats tapes for sale!!!

    Posted too early. Will post again this weekend.
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    Efren Reyes and Ronnie Allen

    Does anyone know if Ronnie Allen and Efren Reyes ever matched up?
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    Anyone have videos by J. J. Jenkins?

    In Eddie Robin's books there are quite a few references to videos made by J. J. Jenkins. Apparently he made a lot of gambling (?) videos of different players. Does anyone have any for sale or, know where I can find some?
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    Winning One Pocket and Shots, Moves and strategies By Eddie Robin

    I have one of each and am willing to part with both...if the offer is right. My email is