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    Old National Billiard News from 1973

    Picked these up on Ebay the other day. I'd like to find a lot more of them! Guess who! Maybe you guys know him? I'll post more photos from these if you guys want, the articles are an amazing time capsule as well.
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    WWYD Pop Quiz #4 - SVB to Shoot

    Shane's in serious trouble here. All those balls ain't in his hole and it's a hill hill match. Thorpe broke and slowly brought the hammer down by carefully out moving Shane. Shane to shoot. Click on the bottom link to see his shot and compare to what you'd do in this situation. Click here...
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    WWYD - SVB vs Thorpe

    Billy laid down a good break. SVB to shoot with his hole on the bottom left.
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    Congratulations to Shane 2017 MIH Winner

    Congratulations to Shane, he shot lights out and once again proved he's the top ball striker in the world. Efren deserves a lot of praise as well, he played great 1P and gave everything he had in this tournament.
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    WWYD - Bustamante vs Alex MIH 2017

    Ball count is -1 Alex, 0 for Bustamante. Bustamante is on the hill for the match. Bustamante to shoot. His pocket is bottom right, near the cue ball. WWYD?
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    WWYD - Shane vs Alex MIH 2017

    Here is a tough one. Shane couldn't figure it out so it ain't easy... Ball count is 1-0 Shane. Shane to shoot. WWYD?
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    WWYD - Tony vs Alex

    Tony to shoot, ball count is 5-2 Alex WWYD?
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    Sweat this shot Alex just made

    With a bridge no less, Alex shoots the 3 railer on the 10 ball to his hole and leaves Bustamante this impossible postion
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    Two living 1P legends at our pool room today

    Nick Varner showed up at our pool room today to visit with Marshall Carpenter and tell amazing stories about the old days. Amazing legends both of them.
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    WWYD - Alex O vs Justin H

    This came up in their match today at Buffalo's. 1 game apiece in the match. Dennis needs 1 ball, his shot. WWYD?
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    WWYD - Strawberry to Shoot

    After some great survival shots by Strawberry, the score is still 0-0 and Grady is trying to press his table position advantage. Strawberry to shoot. WWYD? Up table view
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    WWYD - Grady Mathews to Shoot

    Score is 0-0, Grady to shoot. Grady's hole is marked. WWYD?
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    WWYD Pop Quiz #3 - Strawberry Brooks

    Time for another pop quiz. The late great Strawberry Brooks to shoot and he needs 3 balls. His pocket is at bottom left of screen. Question: What do you think Strawberry is shooting at here? (click on GIF at bottom for answer) Click here to see what he does
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    WWYD - Jimmy Fusco to Shoot

    Jimmy to shoot, opponent just laid down a good opening match break. Remember, this is old school 1P so what would you shoot and what do you think Jimmy did? (you can figure out which hole is Jimmy's) RIP Jimmy
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    WWYD Pop Quiz #2

    Your shot, you lead 1-0 in ball count. WWYD? Check the animated GIF at the bottom against your decision. Bonus point for guessing the shooter in the GIF. Solution
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    Did the Dennis Victory Settle a Age Old 1P Debate?

    Shooter vs Mover, which one is more important overall for winning. Did this match settle this debate once and for all?
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    Quick WWYD Test

    You need 1 ball to win and your hole is at the bottom left (under the stack). Decide what you would shoot and then click on the bottom imgur link to see if you were right.:D What he shot
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    WWYD - Finals with your opponent on the hill

    Finals match and the score is 1-2 in games and he's breaking for the match. Your opponent comes with a very strong break. You can lose with one bad decision here. Your shot, WWYD?
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    WWYD - Derby 2017 Efren vs Orcullo

    Orcullo to shoot, score is posted at top
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    You vs Bustamante

    0-0, your shot. WWYD?