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    Poolrooms in Rhode Island,Connecticut and Mass.

    I'm moving to Windham county Ct. next month. Which rooms should an above average player try ? I know about the RI Billiard Club. What's good in Worcester,Webster Mass. Hartford area, Providence?
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    meucci European purple

    Original, wrap is intact, emerald tip. 13.5mm. $200.00 obo
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    Winning One Pocket. first edition.

    Binding on spine damaged,book is complete and shows 25 years of use. $300.00
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    McGoorty The Story if a Billiard Bum by Robert Byrne

    Hardcover.1972 1st Edition. Jacket included but has some issues. Great read. $40.00 plus shipping.
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    1928 Brunswick Monroe 4.5x9

    Drop pockets, plays well, missing veneer on the legs.I've been playing on this table for the past 11 years. Pockets are just under 4 1/2". Pics on request. Weighs a bit more than 1400 lbs. Located in Portsmouth. $2000.00 obro
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    bank instructional shortcoming

    Most instructional miss the mark. " here is the halfway point". That's supposed to be the sweet spot, but its in error. Balls don't come off rails at the same angle as from coming in. It works fine with lasers and mirrors, but balls and rubber don't react the same way. There's deviation...
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    late 1940s Brunswick Anniversary 8x4

    In storage many years. From a pool parlor in Norfolk Va. Its all there. Aprons need minor work. 1inch slate. Stamped Model D-C Anniversary. Needs very little to be playable. New pocket inserts. Local pick up. $2000.00 firm. Tom inPortsmouth va 23702 pictures available.
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    clay balls

    Clay balls. No cue ball,6,8 or 9 balls. 12 dollars each.(plus shipping) Located in Southeast Virginia.
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    Winning One Pocket First Edition

    The cover is beat up a little. All the text and photographs are fine. Its gonna be high, but I'll never get my hands on another. 300.00 plus postage. lower 48 only
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    What is the rule??

    I need one ball. My opponent needs two. But two balls were pocketed in the side during my inning. So there's only a cue ball on the table. Its still my shot. Do we spot one ball or both? I said one, my opponent said 2.( big surprise) What's the rule?
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    I practice every day, or I try to. There are a few different systems I use. One of my favorites is to rack all 15 balls a couple of inches out of a corner pocket. I have ball in hand and hit the pack. If a ball goes I keep shooting. If I miss or scratch , I spot a ball, then try to run out from...
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    one pocket novel...fiction, but not a POS

    The Summer of '79 A pool Odyssey Written by Al Blackwell ISBN 978-1-4327-7273-4 I met Al Blackwell about 25 years ago at Bay Billiards in Virginia Beach, Va. Its his first try at writing a book and its not so bad. I breezed through it. The characters and some of the...
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    OK, try this

    We're in a furious match, playing on a Gold Crown IV, you're up 7-6. I just missed and left you a shot. Freeze the one on the short rail 1/2 inch out of my pocket. Freeze the cue ball to the 1 on your side of it so that both balls are frozen to each other and frozen to the rail. Now, freeze...
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    I can't be the only one...

    I'm going way out on a limb here. I've had debates, some heated, about my theory on banking a ball one rail. I look at the object ball. If the shadow under the object ball is on the right I use right spin. I aim for the perfect 1/2 ball hit. For some reason, the balls go straight in like...
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    new member saying hello

    I've played one pocket for over 40 years. A friend of mine says " It's the only game that matters." And he's right. Anyone can put a ball in a hole. Or follow rotation. Me? I need more. The best shots I've ever pulled off and the best shots ever played against me have been during a game of one...