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  1. ChicagoFats

    Intentional foul jumping cue ball off table

    I have been playing with a low deflection carbon fiber for little over a year. I find it more difficult to execute the shot where the opponent has a ball in the jaws and you are making the ball.... subsequently jumping the cue ball off the table intentionally. Does a carbon fiber shaft make...
  2. ChicagoFats

    Anyone know best 1 pkt place in indianapolis

    which place is best
  3. ChicagoFats

    Flights are super cheap... lets plan a regional for September

    We can buy tickets for somewhere now. Who thinks they will still be in business by September?
  4. ChicagoFats

    Ghost vs Fats after the break WWYD

    Ghost lays down a pretty good break. He is soft shooting long shots very accurately this day and there is no way I am electing to take a foul and leave him up table with a swipe at the 2.
  5. ChicagoFats

    Ghost vs Fats end game WWYD

    Fats leading game 7 to 6.... it is ghost shot and fats has him in a pickle with both balls sitting near Fats pocket. 9 ball is not frozen. I tried posting 3 pics from my phone but it only took one.
  6. ChicagoFats

    Any Action in Portland Oregon Nov 3rd 4th

    Looking for a game in Portland. Where is the best place to play 1 hole?
  7. ChicagoFats


    What Did Chicago Fats Do? Some of the boys were asking me to show them a shot yesterday I pulled on a one-ball-left game. I figured if I was going to spend time making an image I might as well post a thread. I was playing a local tough player named Sergio. You all know I don't like a game...
  8. ChicagoFats

    Getting home table re-clothed

    I have a 9 foot diamond with "stock" pockets. I am going to get it recovered. Would you recommend going to the 4 1/8th pockets for someone that only plays one pocket or is it good to have pockets to shoot in? Table is rarely used in general, but wwyd?
  9. ChicagoFats

    One Pocket Appreciation to Red Shoes John Lavin

    John conducted a partners straight pool tournament the whole day. He had some personal family matters to attend to in the morning. He warned all the players he was closing at 2am. Some of the premier local players were in action on the 4 tables up front. He was nice enough to let the high...
  10. ChicagoFats

    Any action in Cape Girardeau

    Do they have any one pocket here?
  11. ChicagoFats

    WWYD - Chicago Fats vs Random Ray at Chris' Billiards

    Ok. So I walk in and there isn't much one hole action. I am watching a couple of younger players battling on table 1. On table 2 there are two older guys playing cheap and one wants to quit but is in the middle of the set. Anyhow they finish the set and Random Ray(nice older gentlemen I never...
  12. ChicagoFats

    Colorado Springs

    Is there a pool hall here? Looking for action tonight.
  13. ChicagoFats

    Chicago Fats Melee Trip Report

    Wednesday(2 hours sleep on floor) I played at Bogies on Tuesday night until 3am and I flew into Memphis from Houston on Wednesday night and arrived around 9:30pm. I summoned an Uber driver to get me to the Southhaven Recreation Center. As I was standing at the curb, I start chatting this guy...
  14. ChicagoFats

    Website Disabled Anyone know if someone in the family was going to keep the site up? I am sure there is no maintenance and if they just pay for a fee it can stay up. It looks like it is still supposed to be active for 2 months. Domain Name: BANKINGWITHTHEBEARD.COM Registry Domain ID...
  15. ChicagoFats

    Houston - Pool Halls

    What is the best pool hall that is the closest to downtown houston? Hoping for a place that will have some one pocket action tues wed nights. Also, are any of the places non-smoking?
  16. ChicagoFats

    WWYD - Chicago Fats vs. JohnnyTronic

    Chicago Fats is stuck and it is his birthday a couple nights ago. We just got booted from a table due to league starting and had to switch to a new table with Fats down 4 games. JohnnyTronic aka "Baby Ghost" is playing and runs 7 but misses the 3 ball. You are shooting into Fats hole almost...
  17. ChicagoFats

    Bogies vs Cal Billiards for December

    Looking at either space city tourney or California Billiards in December.... I think Bogies allows smoking. Does Cal Billiards? I am looking at airfare, but this is a huge consideration for me too. Is Fremont warm in December? Bogies has tight pockets... does Cal Billiards? I prefer tighter...
  18. ChicagoFats

    Jeremy Jones vs evan Lind 6 ahead 10k about to start

    Jeremy Jones vs evan Lund
  19. ChicagoFats

    Bustamante vs danny smith

    Not sure if I am tired but I am stuck at an airport watching on my phone.... When the score was 9 5 busty lead.... busty had ball in hand... he was holding the yellow 1 ball in his hand instead of the cue ball... it looked like he realized the 1 was in his hand... he put it down then picked up...