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    Hi Doc, Thanks for the heads up, Southwest doesn't fly to Bush, I have credits from Southwest for previous cancellations. Looking forward to seeing you. John
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    Hi John, Congratulations on your achievement, hope to see you soon! John Smith
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    Hello Buffalo’s!

    Hey Maurice your looking good, see you in Houston, maybe.
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    Hello Buffalo’s!

    Looks like a nice room, enjoy
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    I booked my flight, my entry fee is on it's way, looking forward to seeing everyone. I can't wait to get out of town. John
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    Matching-up choice

    My opinion regarding weight is a matter of fairness, there can only be one winner and when you add weight to the mix it's just a matter of interpretation, giving weight to the break is difficult, if a ball is made on the break a determination must be made to have a re-rack or continue playing...
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    Matching-up choice

    I would give the opponent the choice: give 10/8 or 9/8 or I take all the breaks for 2 balls?
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    I like Corey here, he has been playing great one pocket.
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    MOT Chicago refund money?

    Hi Mike, Hope all is well on your end. You can send my entry to 1 pocket. Thanks, John
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    Official 2020 One Pocket Hall of Fame Nominations

    I've made some of these nominations before: One Pocket: Marcel Camp, Johnny Ervolino, Francisco Bustamante, Bank Pool: Francisco Bustamante.
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    Bogies Senior Open 2019

    Hi all, Steve Booth and I arrived in Houston on Thursday at the Houston Hobby airport, after picking up our luggage, and our rental car we then drove to LAquinta Suites hotel which was located at the George Bush airport (Southwest does not fly into the George Bush airport) after delivering our...
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    Best One Pocket Player?

    Best one pocket player in the world today is Dennis Orcullo, why because he is beating everyone handily. What do you think and why? Just my opinion. John
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    "Make It Happen One Pocket Event"

    Congratulations to Pat Fleming and crew for creating the make it happen one pocket event. Some of the best one pocket I have ever witnessed, in all my years of watching one pocket. The commentators were very professional especially Billy and Danny, Ken Shuman did an outstanding job as usual...
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    Orlando Florida

    Hi all, I'm going to be in Orlando for 2 months beginning February 1st, looking for some friendly action in one pocket, banks, pm me if interested. Thanks, John:):):)
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    Pool halls in Buffalo, NY

    Hi all, I'm going to be visiting my nephew in Orchard Park on August 1 and 2, I'll be busy during the day but in the evening I would like to visit the local pool hall, is anyone in Buffalo playing one pocket? if yes where? Regards, John