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  1. jrhendy

    A Little Humor And A Sign From The Mother Ship

    I found out this morning they are moving me to a rehab facility at noon. It is like two blocks from Hard Times. When they came to give me the news, I was halfway through a Magnesium Citrate the surgeon had prescribed to make me poop. I will warn the transport team.
  2. jrhendy

    Mika Immonen / Oscar Dominguez Live Stream

    Today at noon at Hard Times Billiards, Sacramento. One Pocket race to ten. Oscar won Friday 10/6. for free stream. Hard Times is not open, this is a private event, invitation only.
  3. jrhendy

    Another Golf and Three Cushion Story

    We were at the original Hard Times in Costa Mesa and Ronnie Allen talked Charlie The Ape into staking him against Mexican Barney playing golf at 4th & Main in Los Angeles. Now Ronnie was a good golf and snooker player on a tight 5 x 10. When he first came out here from Oklahoma, he hung around...
  4. jrhendy

    A Golf Story

    I played my first game of golf around 1955 in a little room in Monterey Park, just outside Los Angeles, called Steve’s. Steve was an old guy from England and he and his wife ‘Mom’ had this little room with four 5 x 10 snooker tables and two 4 x 8 pool tables. I started hanging in there when I...
  5. jrhendy

    Ronnie Allen Article

    When Ronnie passed, I asked San Jose Dick to write something I could put in Cue Sports Journal, a hard copy publication I was putting out in the 90’s. Here it is. I would like to share a few my experiences, of over fifty years, with someone who needs no introduction. Anyone whose ever been in...
  6. jrhendy

    Happy Birthday To The Barber

    Happy Birthday Old Friend! Stay Cool & Safe.
  7. jrhendy

    2014 PPPDC

    Here I am at the 2014 Pool Players Pole Dancing Championship held in conjunction with an added money one pocket tournament at the prestigious Billy Teeter‘s Str8 Shooters in Vacaville, CA. I won the one pocket tournament, but came in 3rd in the Pole Dancing when I slipped attempting the...
  8. jrhendy

    Cousins Custom Cues

    I have around 30 of these cues that have never hit a ball and will start listing them in the ‘For Sale’ section with pics and prices later this week. These cues are between 20 and 30 years old and have been stored in a controlled environment since they stopped making them almost 20 years ago...
  9. jrhendy

    Hard Times Sacramento Monthly One Pocket

    Forty players today and yours truly is playing with a pulled back muscle.
  10. jrhendy

    Hardmix at Hard Times

    Ben was in town for business and we agreed to get together again for some cheap, friendly one pocket and three cushion. We ended up breaking even and I will leave it there since I don’t want to knock his three cushion game. He was still in action with one of the locals when I left around 8:30...
  11. jrhendy

    Something Very Cool On This New Format

    If you click on the envelope to the right of your log in name, you will get a history of your messages. I kept looking and looking and found them all the way back to 2004 when I joined Very nice to recall conversations I had with some of the members who are gone now like Freddie...
  12. jrhendy

    Hard Times Stream Saturday Finals

    John Schmidt and Ian Costello on now. On The Wire Creative Media
  13. jrhendy

    Hard Times Stream

    Streamed by On The Wire Creative Media. One Pocket starts at 7pm.
  14. jrhendy

    Hard Times Monthly One Pocket

    27 players today.
  15. jrhendy

    Hard Times, Sacramento Markulis Memorial 2/6 - 2/9

    $60 entry fee one pocket and nine ball
  16. jrhendy

    Happy Birthday Matt Hilton

    Have a good one. Your BD is not posted on here, saw it on Facebook.
  17. jrhendy

    Hard Times Sacramento Monthly One Pocket

    26 players & streamed on twitch, no commentary.
  18. jrhendy

    POV Pool 2k added one pocket at CA Billiards

    POV8 day3 on utube
  19. jrhendy

    Hard Times Sacramento Monthly One Pocket

    36 players showed up this month. Some old man won the hot seat but got double dipped by Chris McDonald who is starting to play like the old Chris from many years ago. I started to run out of gas around 1am and he took advantage and played well. Nice to see Bob Beaulieu and Lee Wallick from the...
  20. jrhendy

    Streaming Table at Bogies Seniors

    It looks to me like the tight pockets and slight roll offs (Mostly the tight pockets) have the players a little gun shy on the stream table. To me, the only players that have not let up as much on their stroke, are the guys playing against each other for the hot seat, Davis & Palmore. Palmore...