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  1. jrhendy

    Happy Birthday Ghost!!!! I mean Ghroast!!

    Happy Birthday Bruce!
  2. jrhendy


    Back in the day he was a favorite against good players in this game. He did not get out of line too often.
  3. jrhendy

    Zingale's trip report

    Great report.
  4. jrhendy

    Cousins Custom Cues

    All of mine are gone, a few of them to Florida.
  5. jrhendy

    $10,000 Added Southeastern Triple Crown of Billiards. April 29-May 2, 2021-Zingales Billiard Room & Sports Bar Tallahassee, Florida.

    He is a good guy. I played him 5/6 years ago in a tournament at CA Billiards and it was obvious he disliked one pocket and just did not have much interest in it. Quite a turnaround after he developed an affection for the game.
  6. jrhendy

    John Henderson

    Thanks everybody. When I got out of surgery I could barely wiggle my toes. It’s taken 2 1/2 months for me to be able to sit and stand in a walker, and I am getting stronger and working towards getting out of here. The support helps more than you know. John
  7. jrhendy Shirts for Buffalo's

    Disregard my order. Just change the size to X large o Bills order & he will send PayPal. Thanks, John
  8. jrhendy Shirts for Buffalo's

    I would like an extra large. I cannot attend, so it will have to be shipped. They suspended my PayPal when I tried to add my stimulus $. Do you have Venmo?, or I can send a check. John
  9. jrhendy

    How is 1P played where you play/watch: Keep shooting or re-rack on a ball made on the break?

    Cecil Tugwell And Cole Dixon Cecil Tugwell and Cole Dixon. Cecil won and went on to win the tournament over Efren Reyes. Early 90’s I think. I sweated the match and it was incredible to watch. I don‘t think I played in the tournament because there was so much action on Bertha, the 6 x 12...
  10. jrhendy

    Happy Birthday Vapros!

    Happy Birthday Bill.
  11. jrhendy

    Happy Birthday, Warren Ruth

    Happy Birthday!
  12. jrhendy

    Happy Birthday, Cincy Kid and Mr. Phil Welch

    Happy Birthday!
  13. jrhendy

    Pro Partners?

    I used to play Captain a lot back in the 70/80’s. When you are captain, just get one of the players aside and tell him he is the best player and why is he even listening to his partner.
  14. jrhendy

    When did you fall in love with one pocket?

    Cannonball busted him the first time. DW pumped back up by hustling drinkers out of the Gay Nineties bar and won it all back plus.
  15. jrhendy

    When did you fall in love with one pocket?

    Played it first on a 5 x 10 snooker table around 1956. Did not care for it much since I got beat every time. I did not have a clue and went for everything. In 1960/61, I sweated two long sessions between Detroit Whitey and Johnny ‘Cannonball’ Chapman, and was growing more interested. I also was...
  16. jrhendy

    Senior one pocket tournament this year

    I am going even if I can’t play. Love the taco truck too.
  17. jrhendy

    A Little Humor And A Sign From The Mother Ship

    I found out this morning they are moving me to a rehab facility at noon. It is like two blocks from Hard Times. When they came to give me the news, I was halfway through a Magnesium Citrate the surgeon had prescribed to make me poop. I will warn the transport team.
  18. jrhendy

    I'm Ready

    I am on my back and using a walker to barely get around and will be sweating it from home. MRI Sunday. Karl Boyes will be one of the commentators
  19. jrhendy

    I'm Ready

    Diamonds and I think 4 1/4. I have not been there in quite a while. They have three Diamonds and five Gold Crown 4’s in the tournament room. The streams are set up on the Diamonds. They are playing a race to 15.
  20. jrhendy

    Senior one pocket tournament this year

    Rizzo and Bogies are the best. If/when we do have another tournament, there will be posters again. RedCard and I put them together every year (Mostly RedCard designing, I just get the pics, which is like pulling teeth for some guys).