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  1. mhilton777 Shirts for Buffalo's

    I spoke to Steve last night and I have decided to offer shirts for the folks that are going to Buffalo's in May. I need the order finalized buy April 30th to allow enough time to have them made. It will be like the other members tourney shirts with the embroidered logo on them and...
  2. mhilton777

    Road Trip in October to Mississippi

    Lizz and I have been working from home and managing the kids here since March. We are heading down to visit Colonel Bille leaving Minnesota on October 9th and heading back the 17th and driving just the 2 of us. We are stopping at Miller's on the way down in the St Louis area as he is half way...
  3. mhilton777

    Isolation Pool Tournaments

    I assume that some of you have seen this but I figured I would share just in case although not one pocket related but pool related. The captain of my pool team started this a couple of weeks ago just for something to do and it is gaining some traction!! It has been on several news stations...
  4. mhilton777

    Washington DC - February 1-4th

    I am going to be in DC the afternoon of February 1st and leaving the evening of the 4th for a work trip. Any one pocket members in the area that would like to meetup or any rooms in the area that I could go to safely? I have not been to DC in years (15+) so I have no idea what is around there...
  5. mhilton777

    2019 Members Philly Tournament Shirts

    I meant to do this earlier but have been running kids around and Lizz is getting over pneumonia. Been a fun time lately... logo Blast at BlueGrass Billiards 2019 T-shirts are $20 and the Polos will be $25 I need anyone interested in a shirt to PM me their size, which type of...
  6. mhilton777

    Shirts for Spring Melee in Memphis

    Let me know if those attending the Spring Melee in Memphis would like to do shirts and we can get an order put together. I am thinking we will do the standard polos and t-shirts for this one.
  7. mhilton777

    San Fransisco Today - Thursday

    I am in San Francisco if any wants to play some. My nights are wide open. Call or text me: 651.325.5011 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. mhilton777

    Houston - Bogies - Saturday Dec 29th

    I will be in Houston next week Dec 27-31 and for sure heading to Bogies on the 29th if any of you guys want to get together. I talked to Jeff Sparks a couple of weeks ago and he was going to try to come out and play as well.
  9. mhilton777

    New Orleans Nov 4-7

    I will be in New Orleans for work November 4th-7th for work. I get in the afternoon of the 4th and my nights are pretty well free. I will not have my cues with but does anyone want to play?
  10. mhilton777

    2018 Memphis Tournament Shirts

    I need to get an order together for the Memphis shirts. Please let me know what size and quantities you need. We are going with this jersey in black with the one pocket logo, Southaven Recreation Center and Melee in Memphis 2018. Just like we did for the Chris's tourney. Cost is $30/each...
  11. mhilton777

    3rd Annual Tourney Shirts

    Ok, I need to get the shirts ordered for this years tournament and would like to do so no later than Monday, May 14th!! The shirts will be similar to the Lacy's shirts (see example below). California Billiards logo Clash in California 2018 I know several folks have indicated that...
  12. mhilton777

    Official Entry Thread for 2018 Member's Tourney

    Here we go again!! This is the official thread for the sign-ups for the 3rd annual tournament that will take place at California Billiards June 1st-3rd. 32 player field. Steve will be putting a detailed thread together with hotel information and additional details as they become...
  13. mhilton777

    2017 Chicago Shootout

    I am sitting out back on a beautiful Minnesota evening, enjoying a libation (several actually so excuse any bad grammar or run-on sentences!) and figured I would share some thoughts about the 2017 tourney. Congratulations to Bob Newkirk for the win. Congratulations to Jim for the endurance...
  14. mhilton777

    2017 Tournament Details

    Several things that need to be covered here for the start of the tournament. 6/16/17 - 2:30pm - Lizz and myself will be available for player check-in and have the shirts available for those who had ordered them. I would like to do the draw ASAP when all players are checked in. 6/16/17 - 3:30pm...
  15. mhilton777

    2nd Annual Tournament shirts

    I meant to do this earlier in the month but time slipped away and life got in the way. So for this years shirts I would propose that we do the same polos or T-s that we did last year in black. Since Chris's does not have an official logo, my thought is to do the following. "NEW
  16. mhilton777

    Official Entry Thread for 2017 Tourney

    Here is the official thread for the sign-ups for the 2nd annual tournament that will take place at Chris’s Billiards June 16th-18th. Steve has already done a great job of explaining the format and stipulations in the Sticky thread here...
  17. mhilton777

    Bogies in Houston on Friday Dec 30

    Houston folks, We are flying out of Minnesota tomorrow morning to visit the in-laws in Sugar Land. I will be at Bogies all day on Friday playing some pool with Nathan (wcranger) and would like to meet up with anyone else there and hangout. Jeff Sparks, I have the $50 I owe you from the...
  18. mhilton777

    Lacy's Cue/ shirts

    I will be putting a follow up order in on Monday for shirts for those folks that expressed interest but did not order them the first go around. Please PM me with what you would like. T-shirts are $15 and Polos will be $20 with a $5 shipping cost. Please let me know if you have any questions...
  19. mhilton777

    N.O. Members Tourney shirts

    I spoke with Disco Dave this afternoon and brought up the idea of possibly having shirts made for the tournament participants. My uncle owns a large promotional goods company in Wichita and I can get the shirts for right around what it costs to produce them. What are your thoughts on having...
  20. mhilton777

    My first WWYD - End Game

    Yesterday, I was playing captains and I was left this. I was the captain and I need both balls and my opponents need 1. I looked at this for quite sometime before I made a decision. It did turn out into my favor for sure and I will probably never have an end game that turned out this successful...