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    In my room there are only a couple of guys for me to play. Even though I'm always the first one in the room, my only two customers are always matched up with each other. "Greg" likes to play "Charles" and will only play me until Charles gets to the pool room. If we are in the middle of a...
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    Fredericksburg, VA

    About to move to Fredericksburg in a few weeks, anybody playing in the area? Short drive to Northern Virginia/DC area as well.
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    The "Wrong" Side

    I've seen a few YouTube one pocket videos where the players are breaking towards the head end of the table (Gold Crown). Some of the videos feature tables with 2 spots and obvious "rack wear" on both sides. Any explanations for this? My thoughts are either the table rolls better on that end...
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    [/IMG] [/IMG] Score is 2-1 you, your hole is the one with no stuff in front.