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    New Orleans

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    Asking for a friend

    Does anyone know if the woman who won a billion dollars plays pool? Asking for a friend.
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    One pocket has a large learning curve for most of us. Others they see the table and instinctively know the game. T-Rex was the latter. I am one of the ones that is still learning. I have been lucky in my pool efforts to have had mentor for the past thirty years. I have given John Henderson that...
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    Official OPOrg ratings

    Ratings as of Nov 2020 1 Warren 2 Dr Bill 3 Pilot 4 Nic 5 NH Steve 6 JR Hendy 7 SQ48 8 9 98 Next to last Darmoose 99 last Kentucky If someone knows how to do a poll or a ratings system we can assign values, go for it. Winners of MOT is full credit. Non sanctioned tournaments receive 50% maximum...
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    COVID-19 Seniors

    Seniors One Pocket Tournament, DAY:TBD PLACE: TBD $3000. Added:TBD To play you must be Covid free, no hospitalization, be willing to wear a mask, be inoculated (and not have turned yet), over 65. I am sorry to anyone I have asked to come over to my house and play and were offended. No insult was...
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    Tonys Banks

    Did anyone see some of Tonys bank in the match with Scott? A lot of people said how did he do that? Do you know how he did it? How you can do it? First visualize the shot. Will it go? Is there a clean path? Shoot the shot like there are no other balls on the table. Keep practicing until you can...
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    Vacation Tournament

    I have one table (4 1/2 X 9, Rasson w/ Simonis, 16 1/2' by 22' playing area) and I would love to have a mini tournament at my house. We live in an area that is relative free of COVID and it is also a tourist destination. I'm thinking of a six, nine man RR. Usual $200 entry fee. Basically it...
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    COVID warning

    I was told all you need to go to the grocery store or out was to wear a mask and a pair of gloves. THEY were wrong. Everyone else had clothes on too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    ABC Always Be Closing. From the minute you wake up at a tournament until (if) you go to sleep at night. Setting down at the card tables during the Reno tournaments was a great ABC. You sit down at a table where other players are playing. Where you from? I’m here for the tourney but there’s no...
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    Dress code

    Reading that appraisal of Doc's dress when he was hustling reminds me of a few times when I dressed to get action. Now, I don't even show in Incadona's shadow, but when I moved from Kentucky to Fast Eddy's in Santa Cruz I played pretty sporting. My best is matching up. I picked up my nickname...
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    Mitch “The Beast”

    There is a silver lining to the Trump virus. Since Mitch and I have not played viola!
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    I have a very good friend who is now living in a pool room. Dying. When I first met him, he played nine ball one pocket. If there was a shot, he would shoot it. Only one ball, he shot. Even though he did not know the game, his banking and straight shooting kept me from beating him.The last time...
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    Ron Lillies

    Ron Lillies did a commission for me of Hard Times Sacramento. The original hangs in Hard Times. Now available, color prints, signed and numbered for your pool room at home. 13X16”. $50 includes shipping. PayPal Ron Lillies include address etc......
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    Need Attorney

    Doc says there is no way what has happened with shutting down states and such is inherently not Constitutional. Any unbiased attorneys from Berkeley want to weight in on this?
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    Covid-19 vs Economy. If we open up now, unfettered, do we have repeating Covid-19? Wave after wave? Like a festering sore. Do we stay confined, opening not any further now, but slowly later? If we open, should people wear protection or will religious groups want an exception? Should...
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    UTube Savage Streaming Paul Marquez Michael Witt
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    After Covid-19

    Would any of the local Best coast members like to have a regional in Portland? Actually it would be in Beaverton which is about a twenty minute drive from the airport. Hotel within walking distance, $85 a night and the pool room has decent food. Steve Lingelbach would be able to accommodate a...
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    Okay Doc, our resident one pocket hero, rock star. Would you go ahead and make your next platinum song? It steals a little from My My My Sharona only it is My My My Corona............virus. You can use the profits to donate to The World One Pocket Championship sponsored by OPORG.
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    New Format

    How’s the new format or what? I’m thinking everyone has adjusted and is happier than one pocket players after a winning set.
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    HOF inductees

    Every year we have a discussion on players who, because on when they played, get little or no recognition for induction. Voting them in with a percentage of votes is difficult because who knows them or how they played? Couple of names come to mind, Johnny Irish, Marcel Camp, Johnny Ervolino. I...