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  1. Miller

    Interesting Cueing....

    I don't know how to capture a section of a youtube video (Whitey ;) should give a tutorial on how to do that....) forward to the about 1:55 minute mark. Bartram v Deuel. Watch Chris stroke/tip motion on this shot.... Would you hit it the same way?
  2. Miller


    happy b-day doc. hope you have a good bro! admire and respect you immensely. :)
  3. Miller

    Birthday....Birthday....1 HOLE NUT

    Happy b-day Jason! Have a good one..... :)
  4. Miller

    Have Pool Cue Will Travel

    book available on amazon a must own for those who like to read.....insightful and funny.....chronicles St. Louie Louie along with numerous anecdotes about pool rooms, scuffs, sweators, etc.... (y)
  5. Miller

    Bergman/Hall Exhibition Exhibition match this evening at Brendan Sullivan's place south of STL. Banks - One Pocket - 9 Ball.
  6. Miller

    Birthday! Bithday! Airport Jim!

    happy b day pal. very, very good stick....even a better guy.... hope you have a good one. :)
  7. Miller


    mkbtank 49 today...... my man......go easy brother.
  8. Miller

    Dr. Duc Vuong Breaks Down COVID-19 - How It Kills You

    this would just get lost or buried in another thread, so I'm giving Dr. Vuong his own.....
  9. Miller


    66 entries. Evelyn says will be playing until around 5 AM. :eek:
  10. Miller

    Birthday....Birthday....John Long

    happy b-day pal! :)
  11. Miller

    Ruslan Chinahov

    just watched the last day of 14.1 championship..... this cat is scary good. i don't know how he has made out in the one pocket event at DCC in the past (think he has been going for a couple years), but if this guy gets some seasoning/schooling at it (don't imagine they play much one hole in...
  12. Miller

    WWYD - Player A vs Player B

    Ball count is 4 - 0 in favor of Player B. Player A to shoot. WWYD? :confused: :)
  13. Miller

    2014 MIH - Hohmann v SVB

    since the 9/11 conspiracies (plural) have been put to's something tin foil caps necessary....;) ---------- 2014 MIH at Sandcastle - Thorsten Hohmann v Shane Van Boening - exchange of a couple moves.... First rack, ball count 1-1, Hohmann to shoot. WWYD...
  14. Miller


    happy b-day airport jim….. :D (63....? you gotta be kidding....look like a fit 45....just a well oiled machine i guess....;)) have a great day pal.
  15. Miller


    happy b-day vap! enjoy all your stuff. have a good one old timer.....;) :)
  16. Miller

    Predator 8K-1
  17. Miller

    Dcc updates

    heard there are 500 bank entries.....:eek: hope you guys can throw out some updates occasionally....:p
  18. Miller

    Miller/LSJohn Book for 2019 DCC

    Miller/LSJohn Book for 2019 DCC Field Wagers Maximum bet will pay you $500. This is our maximum exposure for any player. (For example, if we receive $25 action on a player in the 20/1 category, betting on that player is closed.) Minimum Wager: $10 These wagers are marked in red. 3/1 Alex...
  19. Miller

    Ghost v Henderson Action - Miller Book

    Cover the Ghost for $300. $20 minimum, take some or take it all..... Confirmed here. ;)
  20. Miller

    The simple simple truth

    Four point plan from the school of Crabb Man and Miller….. Here’s the simple truth: (1) Tourneys need to either (A) start a day earlier -or- (B) start early the first day (2) You have to play 2 rounds on both the loser and winner side the first day (for a 2 day regional event, you have to...