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  1. rnewkirk

    Happy Birthday, Todd

    Happy Birthday, one pocket guy 🎂 (y):) One of the good guys🇺🇸🇺🇸
  2. rnewkirk

    Happy Birthday, Colonel

    Happy Birthday, Col Bille 🎂 :)🇺🇸🇺🇸 Getting very close to being able to play with us old guys:) I salute you and hope you have a great day(y)
  3. rnewkirk


    Happy Birthday, John 🎂 Looking forward to next get together - maybe Memphis in March. Have a great day and hit some balls.(y)🇺🇸 jlcomp45
  4. rnewkirk

    Happy Birthday, Larry

    Happy Birthday to one of our most active members, LLL ! Have a great day and tell the Governor to open up all the pool rooms in Florida at least for today :)🎂🎱🎱
  5. rnewkirk

    Happy Birthday, Fast Eddie !

    Happy Birthday to one of our valued and older members, need I say one of our most talkative LOL :D Hope you have a great day, Eddie.
  6. rnewkirk

    Quick Recap Southhaven

    First off, I would like to thank all the people responsible for this great tourney. Bill Rowsey - What a friendly, fun loving host. Has a very friendly and efficient staff. Thanks for added money. Would be nice if this was a twice a year tourney. Dustin miller and John Crabb - Great...
  7. rnewkirk

    DCC Report Continued

    First off - what a venue. It had been 10 years since last visit. Sure enjoyed seeing all of our members there. Had a ball visiting with everyone and seeing some old pool friends I haven't seen for 10 or more years. My bank pool matches went like this - 1st round, won - 2nd round won. 3rd...
  8. rnewkirk

    Happy Birthday !

    Happy Birthday, Tom ! Hope you have many more. Go out and beat up on Jakie(Nick) today.:)
  9. rnewkirk

    My Cali Billiards Thoughts

    Very 1st thing - what a poolroom ! Man, 20 9 ftrs, 6 diamond bar boxes and 2 6x12 snooker tables. Not to mention 7 dart boards. I understood that two times a year they have regional dart tourneys, when they close off the pool tables, due to about 200 - 300 (?) dart throwers in room. Chris...
  10. rnewkirk

    Thanks YougstownKid

    Excellent work on midcue extension. Rings match perfectly. Future cuemaker extraordinaire in the making.
  11. rnewkirk

    Happy Birthday, Fast Eddie !

    Happy Birthday, Ed. 75, really ? You act like 45, See you in June.:)
  12. rnewkirk

    Thanks to all ! !

    First, I would like to say that I wanted to post sooner, but just got home this afternoon. What a thrill and an honor to win the 2nd tourney. I just kept plugging and trying my best not to leave any shots. I got very lucky to win nearly all my matches. Recap of week - 1 1/2 days...
  13. rnewkirk

    Otis Thompson RIP

    My good friend, Otis Thompson, one of pool's biggest fan and supporter died 1/30/2017. He was 81 yrs old. If you knew Otis, you know you enjoyed being around him. Normally, he was right in on the action, normally as a backer. He enjoyed his life to the fullest. Everyone should have a lot of...