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  1. John Brumback

    Merry Christmas Ya'll

    Hope to see all of you very soon!!!......or sometime:) John B.
  2. John Brumback

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!! Who's ready to play some bumps???? J cfb B. :D
  3. John Brumback

    Ya'll been playin for how long??

    And ya don't know the rules:eek: :lol Yeah that shit drives me crazy too:lol Carry on... I have nothing more:sorry John B.
  4. John Brumback

    My favorite quote.

    And I came up with it too!! :D " you are too smart to learn" I just think this fits a lot of wanna be pool players. I'm just here to try to help by the way!! :lol John B.
  5. John Brumback

    Ghost,Arturo # 3 wwyd

    Although I don't post often in the wwyd's,I do read them quite a bit:D I do agree with most posters that they are or can be very informative. I just don't get into the bickering back and forth about what's the right shot. What might be the wrong shot for some...might be the right shot for...
  6. John Brumback

    The once in a lifetime shot?

    I was playin some one pocket a couple of weeks ago and I spotted the "Jersey Red Shot" First time I ever tried it during a game. Yep you guessed it..I made it:lol I might not ever shoot it again tho... Just wondering how many of you here have made that shot in a game? John B.
  7. John Brumback


    Are really just like playing "pretend" when you all were kids.(wwyd's are just pretending) (It's all make believe) ( It aint real) thought you all should remember that every now and then,IMO:) I think you guys play way better than Efren..Some of you could spot him a couple balls,lmao!!!!:p...
  8. John Brumback

    Cue balls?

    I know this is something you would see over at the other place:p. I would like to know which is your favorite cball? I've been using the cyclops just because that's what they use at the dcc. But I hate using it. It seems to hop and skid more than any cue ball I have used. And it seems hard...
  9. John Brumback

    Merry Christmas

    all you pool people. Hope you have a good one!! From the Brumback family,Val,Patrick,and John.
  10. John Brumback

    All nerds and science guys

    get 9 to 6..... full rack banks. That's a hellava spot:eek: John Brumback PS : I will be at the DCC ready to flip or lag. Cheap,I know you guys are nits:lol 50 a rack and up.....:lol
  11. John Brumback

    Bankin tip..good one too...

    Draw make pocket small...stun or high......make pocket bigger. Don't knock it till ya'll try it.Thanks, JB
  12. John Brumback

    So sorry to..

    hear of Fred's passing.I too thought he would come back like never before.Un frickkin real. I hate to say it...but will never be the same. John B.
  13. John Brumback

    Get well Freddie!!!

    We need you around asap. It's boring as hell without you here buddy:) John B.
  14. John Brumback

    Shot Clock

    I didn't know for sure where to put this so I chose my fav forum. I played Lee Van C. a one hole match on the TV table this year at the dcc. They had a 60 sec shot clock.That was enough time to take a nap between turns. In one pocket you only have 1 hole to shoot at and it don't long when you...
  15. John Brumback

    hey ya'll

    Had a grand time hangin with Col. Bill E. and Pel all week.We were 3 pees in a pod:lol always took a bunch of us to Binions and wouldn't let us pay.Only cost him bout 400$ by the time we got out of there:eek: I didn't do very good even though I made the $ rounds in all three.( 6th in...
  16. John Brumback

    Bags are packed!! I hate packin

    And I'm headin out to the Tunica Southern Classic in about an hour. Hope to catch up with some of ya down there. Recon it'll be hot down there:eek::lol I'm only playin in the banks this time,got to much on the plate here at home to stay away for that long.:frus Take care everyone. J CFB B.
  17. John Brumback

    Tunica anyone??

    Who all is going to the Tunica southern classic? I'm going for the bank pool. Don't laugh when you see me with a can of "Off " strapped to my case:lol JB
  18. John Brumback

    Come out you lurkers

    I think it would be great to have a bunch of new members get in here.I can't figure out why not many of them do.I know alot that reads this and won't get on here.Come on in and join the crowd,is what I say.Don't be scared of anyone.They won't bite to bad.Bout like gettin a big catfish hook cut...
  19. John Brumback

    Fred,I really do apologize

    I know it's no excuse but I was drunk and just blew a gasket.I'm very sorry and wish I could take all that back.I have the utmost respect for you and your pool career and knowledge.But like I said that stings me when you talk about us ky boys and all of that.I hope you can somehow forgive me and...
  20. John Brumback

    shooting hard,my reason

    I get this question alot..(insert whiny voice)why do good bank players hit their shots so hard? The reason most good bank players do including me is that is gives you the best chance at making the pocket play as big and easy as possiable.There is not many banks that you can hit soft and still...