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  1. one pocket guy

    Boiling Frogs

    Confuclus say.. One must match up well to keep the water temperature hot in both pots.
  2. one pocket guy

    Happy Birthday Matt! (mhilton777)

    What they said Matt!
  3. one pocket guy

    Happy Birthday Tom Wirth

    Happy Birthday Tom!
  4. one pocket guy

    Break Question?

    That rule makes sense. I kinda thought it was that way here but I was informed No.
  5. one pocket guy

    Buffalo's Pro Classic May 26-30, 2021

    Been wanting to visit his place. It always falls on family weekend, but I’m goin this year.
  6. one pocket guy

    Break Question?

    I have argued that point as well.
  7. one pocket guy

    Break Question?

    I don’t think you re rack on a scratch Larry.
  8. one pocket guy

    Break Question?

    Yeah I’m agreeing that it should be a do over. I think if it cant help you it shouldn’t hurt you. preciate the answers
  9. one pocket guy

    Break Question?

    I was playing today and broke so badly a ball went in the opponents pocket. Now we’re playing the rule if you pocket a ball you re rack. But, my opponent said it counted for him. His shot. Is that correct? I’ve never had it happen so I said ok and eventually lost the game. Not upset I broke...
  10. one pocket guy

    happy birthday darmoose

    Happy Birthday
  11. one pocket guy

    Happy Birthday Jeff Sparks!

    Happy Birthday
  12. one pocket guy

    Anniversary/Chohan and Frost/Members

    Like Mitch I just got to read this Jason. Sounds you had a great trip you’ll remember for a lifetime.
  13. one pocket guy

    Happy Birthday, Todd

    Thanks again Fellas. Hope all of you had a great day as well
  14. one pocket guy

    Birthday Boys, Chicago Fats and one pocket guy

    Thanks guys mine is Sunday the 6th Hope to see you fellas soon as well. also Happy Birthday Fatman!
  15. one pocket guy


    Is shooting the 15 (the stripe in the middle of the table?) and following whitey to the rail straight in on the 1 a bad shot? I might shoot that and give him the 1. What would he do to me next? Bill beat me to the shot
  16. one pocket guy

    Derby City Classic

    I’ll admit that I up until recently would argue that it’s a hoax. There I said it but in my defense Covid was nowhere in this area. Absolutely none! i know of 10 family and friends that have it and are recovering. No deaths even nursing homes. THATS 10 SINCE MARCH So I’ve a new outlook. I’m...
  17. one pocket guy

    Derby City Classic

    Thanks John. Looks like That’s That.
  18. one pocket guy

    Derby City Classic

    With the “Dark Winter” looming. Is it still a go? If so is anyone going?