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  1. sappo

    US Open One Pocket 2021

    I just saw that the Championship is being played at Griffs in Las Vegas on June 5th thru the 8th. Don't hold me to those dates but I believe thats it. Also I just saw that Southwest Air is having a great sale right now. Hope to see some of youse guys there. Keith
  2. sappo

    Scott/Tony Action Line

    Anyone putting up a line we can bet into for this match???
  3. sappo

    Hows Your Game

  4. sappo

    Derby City Betting Lines

    Im curious if any of our odds makers are going to put up a line for the Derby? Only 3 1/2 weeks away. K
  5. sappo

    Rules Question

    Heres something that was discussed the other day and I hope I explain it clearly. When the cue ball is frozen to a rail and the shooter shoots into an object ball and that object or any other object ball fails to hit a rail is it a legal shot if the cueball after leaving its original rail...
  6. sappo

    2020 Derby City Sponsored Player

    I know its early, yet its only 3 months away. I would like to suggest Dustin Miller as the's sponsored one pocket representative. We all know how generous and committed Dustin is to our game and to this site. I think he would proudly represent us. Keith
  7. sappo

    Derby Player Pool

    Just wanted to say thanks to Dustin Miller and LS {Long Shot} John for running the Derby One Pocket Pool. Very well organized and ran. I received my winnings today, thanks to youse guys. I also wanted to comment on the great play by both Corey and Francisco. Ive see and watched a lot of high...
  8. sappo

    What spot do you need

    Heres the picture, you are practicing in your pool room on your favorite table. Just a little background, you like to gamble and you have been playing very well, your confidence is high and you have $1200.00 in your pocket that is your gambling bankroll. The front door opens and in walks Alex P...
  9. sappo

    Dr Bill Line?

    Billie, do you have a line on the Alex v Tony rerun being aired this weekend? Im feeling real lucky. Keith
  10. sappo

    Who Are WE Sending To Derby in 2019???

    Since the Derby is only 2 months away I thought I would start the nominations as to who we send to the Derby to represent us. My choice is Dustin Miller!. Dustin has consistently been and active member here contributing both to the various threads and also has been active in the participating...
  11. sappo

    Rules Question

    This happened at Freezers yesterday, Alex playing Andy. Score is Andy 7, Alex owes 1 ball. Alex starts a run and during his run he pockets a ball in a side pockets. He runs around 6 balls and scratches. He spots 3 balls which is correct, But we all had a big conversation as to what would have...
  12. sappo

    Us open banks & one pocket

    Does anyone know if these events are being streamed? I think Kentucy posted a link but all I get is a rerun of 1 match. Any help is appreciated.
  13. sappo

    Who Wants To Bet On Tony?????

    I think this is going to be a close match but I personally like Dennis. Im laying 6 to 5 to those who want Tony. Im looking for up to $300. in action and any verified member can take as much as they want, in $50 increments, until the $300 is filled up. Just reply to this thread with your bet and...
  14. sappo

    Who wants tony

    I like Dennis in this weeks match. I'm laying $110 to $100 if anyone wants Tony. Bet must be with a verified member and we can pay by check thru the mail. First $100 gets my action. Keith
  15. sappo

    Racking The Balls

    A few weeks ago we had a big discussion here about racking the balls, especially talking about "gaps" between key balls. Last week i was playing an older gentleman who many years ago was a very strong 1 pkt players. we were talking about the rack and he said he would never rack with the 1 ball...
  16. sappo

    Whats the line

    If there was a race between Dennis and a crippled tortoise 100 yards whose would be favored and what would be the correct line???????
  17. sappo

    My One Pocket Sayings

    Many years ago I posted about a shot by a guy I was playing. The shot was a very very difficult bank that he made and he did it so easy. At that moment I said "you made that shot Efrenlessly. I posted it and my buddy Doc busted my balls about it. I still use the expression today. Last week I...
  18. sappo

    Diamond is a mans best friend

    I was fortunate to have placed the winning bid for the Diamond table used at the Reyes/Frost event this week. It was delivered today and is now sitting in its new permanent home. I want to thank Ray Hansen aka Big Truck and Greg Sullivan for all their help making this happen. All I need now is a...
  19. sappo


    hate to complain but the accu-stats announcers are worthless.
  20. sappo

    To all you lucky guys going to derby

    Just want to wish all my one pocket brothers the best of luck at Derby. I hope you all behave and act like perfect gentlemen.:lol The rest of us would appreciate if some of you send us daily updates. Keith