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  1. androd

    Tall Jeff

    Jeff called me yesterday, said he was on the road to San Antonio, he was craving for some puppy tacos, SA spot was his favorite. I drove in to meet him at Bananas, they were closed. We went to the ball hall on West Ave, it was open, 5 or 6 people I knew from last year were there. Jeff walked in...
  2. androd

    WWYD, one more for the poolist, shooter is ahead 6/3

    Top pocket is shooters pocket, older wwyd, thought newer members might like this. those who know, don't post it first.
  3. androd

    3 wise men

    Left to right-------Ronnie Allen--------luther lassiter-----------Big train Greg Stevens Probably the best one pocketeer and the two best nine ballers at the time.
  4. androd

    High school football

    I remembered some comments about 2 months ago. They reminded me of my 1st high school game. It was the late 70's or early 80's, I'd been boooking about 8 or 10 years, I heard there was good live action at the play-off games. I've mostly been a lucky guy in my life, so off I went...
  5. androd

    dale #4

    --- dale #4 It's a great time to be a bookie,I retired a couple of years ago. Basketball, baseball, pro football all at the same time, and elections. I've read people want to bet thousands, Like the fat man said in the "Maltese Falcon" $5000 actual cash is worth $ 10,000 in talk. Enough about...
  6. androd

    I fought the Law, and the Law won.

    in this time of protests and political craziness. I'm reminded of what my dad sat me down and preached to me about. I was 13 years old and about to get my drivers license. He said you're gonna get stopped, no question ! when you do here's what i want you to say "yes Sir, no Sir, I'm sorry Sir It...
  7. androd

    Dale #3

    dale pt.3 When the bar closed,Dale and I, Biker guy, owner and friend, went down town to the pool room. It was locked, so we knocked, they came and let us in, Jimmy was playing a stranger, looked like he played jam up. Jim came over nodded at his opponent, first thing the guy said, I'm from New...
  8. androd

    T.J.parker/Dale #2

    My friend Dale wasn't a big man, 5' 7" Stocky and muscular, wouldn't take a step back from anyone. I know his son was a member here, never posted, messaged me when his father passed. San Anglo Sunday we slept til the maids woke us, had a liesure breakfast, went to the bar about 2:30. the place...
  9. androd

    T.J. Parker/Dale

    I've been playing pool in San Antonio for about two years. I'm often reminded of my friend R.Dale Sutton, I don't use the word friend loosely, he was one of the finest men I've been around. Dale had a tic that caused him to blink rapidly and often, not so much as he grew older.This tic got him...
  10. androd

    Current picture of two members.

    A picture of me and my friend Doyle (Two Picks ) at G-Cues in San Antonio. Doyle came by with a dozen doughnuts for the guys there, and posed for the pic with me. He doesn't play anymore but still visits. P.S. Thanx to Fernando for the picture.
  11. androd

    Is there a rule or does shot speak for its self ?

    opponent skimmed CB off stack, CB rolled deep into the pocket on a diamond table. I said "No rail", he said look at it, if the rail was there I would've hit it. He was right but I think he was wrong. I said fuggetaboutit ! no foul. What say you rules guys. P.S. Not important but 1st time I've...
  12. androd

    WTB used 2x4 case

    Mine got flooded, will need a case if I ever get around to playing again. Reasonable price please. Phone # underwater, sorry.
  13. androd

    real nice player

    This cue was ordered from my Cue maker friend. The customer put up a deposit, had some financial problems and can not accept. Cue maker has played with it against me 3/4 fridays. I've hit balls with it, plays very nice. Handle is curly maple, doesn't show well in picture. $225 due for cue, a...
  14. androd

    Blackie revisited

    The action had moved to "Grand Central Station" At that point in time I had disposable cash to gamble with, I played Blackie one pocket two or three times a week. I don't remember cashing against him, we'd usually play a few hours $50 a game. I always seemed to quit a game or two loser...
  15. androd

    my new cue

    I been having a bit of a time adjusting to this shaft, it's one of the hollow ones (hd/ld/whatever). It seems to take a good bit of the collision induced English out of the hit. I'm having to relearn some banks, others are fine. I now understand why when some people asked me how to make certain...
  16. androd

    LeCue and Big Train

    LeCue and Big Train First time I saw Grady. I came in the LeCue at my regular time, this goofy looking guy came to me nodding his head up and down, said $20 one pocket. Rack'em I won the flip, broke'em well, won the 1st game. He broke'em well, couple of moves and he runs 6 balls, get's...
  17. androd

    T.J. Parker

    Since I'm laid up for a while, I'll write about working for T.J. Parker. I went to work at Parkers lounge / pool room in about 1963/64. The pool rooms were closing at midnight. The operators were trying to get the city to let them stay open. T.J. was very active in that. Enough Politics. I was...
  18. androd

    Question for the rules guys ?

    Playing yesterday my opponent blasted the balls. OB jumped table (He plays that's a foul ) another ball went in my pocket. My ball stays down or comes up? P.S. CB stays on the table, no scratch.
  19. androd

    prop game

    Normaly Player A spots player B 8/7. As I was leaving they matched up, Player A picked a house cue for player B and used player B's cue. The spot is now 9/7. What say you, who prevailed ? Give your opinion, I'll know tomorrow. Rod. P.S. No tricks, just your opinion.